VAAM marathon training  patented sports drink that metabolizes fat into energy. The Patented Scientific Sports Drink That Metabolizes Fat Into Energy
"If you're ready to start improving your athletic performance, choose VAAM!"
" the third time I took it I definitely had an improvement in my endurance and my speed."
"About half an hour after I drink VAAM, I can feel energy penetrating all of my muscle groups"

Yuko Arimori
1992 Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist

"I have clearly noticed that I have dramatically less heart rate drift during a run when I have downed some VAAM about an hour before."

Steve Palladino




Discover How VAAM will Increase Your Endurance and Make Your Race Faster

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You are probably reading this information because you either heard of VAAM through the grapevine, or you are looking for a way to boost your athletic performance and sustain energy.

It doesn't matter if you are an elite or amateur athlete; in search of better fitness; looking to get in shape; extra energy; or even trying to lose weight. By using VAAM, you will not only sustain better workouts, but you will make future training or racing easier as well.

On the Internet, it's tough to know who to believe. There are so many people making ridiculous claims of boosting energy, it's insane. It's like day after day, you get hit with hype pitch after hype pitch. You can search forever and you will come up with literally hundreds of different products claiming to be "THE ONE " to boost energy and endurance.

You don't want to become overwhelmed with all the promises of miraculous improvements that all the 'breakthrough' products offer. So, what you need to do is do a little research on the energy supplements you are considering before going ahead and buying them. VAAM will help you with any questions that you have to understand the product.

Here are some benefits of taking VAAM Energy Hornet Juice:

VAAM Energy Increases your endurance level enabling you to improve your time

VAAM Energy Reduces muscle fatigue, cramping and burning

VAAM Energy Transforms your reserves of body fat into long lasting energy from the start of exercise

VAAM Energy Reduces lactic acid build-up

VAAM Energy Reduces chances of injury

VAAM Energy Helps reduce the 'bloated feeling' from training with sports drinks

You lose extra body fat when exercising and taking VAAM Energy

VAAM Energy makes exercising, training and racing easier

VAAM Energy helps you maintain proper hydration during exercise, training and racing

VAAM Energy Helps you feel strong during training and racing

VAAM Energy Enables you to attain possible sudden bursts of energy

VAAM Energy Reduces soreness the day-after training and race

You know that it can be quite easy to fake testimonials on a product, but you also probably know that falsifying testimonials is fraud. So, you can be assured that there are NO MADE UP testimonials for VAAM Energy here.

Read some customers' successes and their feedback on VAAM, and shortly you can read more on how VAAM actually works.

Hear REAL Success Stories from REAL People
AND Some of The "ELITE" Athletes Using VAAM

These are real people like yourself, just trying to balance life and work while still attaining their fitness and racing goals using VAAM.

Introductory Discount Price

"VAAM is derived from Japanese hornets and it tastes good. I have been taking it for five years now when I train and race. VAAM enables me to give everything. This I know is what got me going..."

Naoko Takahashi, 30
2000 Olympics Women's Marathon Gold Medalist
Interviewed after her victory. Takahashi was not a VAAM sponsored athlete at the time of the Olympics.

"I tried VAAM and was amazed ... after I took my first drink and in about 5 minutes my legs were not tired or stiff. I was not going to ride because of this weak feeling but what a great ride! I did have some lactic acid build up but the recovery was almost instantaneous. I also was riding into a strong headwind 10 mph gusting at 15-20 mph but I was still at my normal speed and was riding 2-3 gears higher. Look forward to tonight's ride!"

Bob Anders, Georgia, USA
Industrial Sales Consultant
Dixie Packing and Gasket Company

"I've had great results with VAAM! To date, I ran a marathon in Rome, The San Diego Rock-N-Roll Marathon (I shaved 20 minutes off of my time and felt like I could have kept right on running!) and won a 1/2 Marathon just this Saturday! I don't think I could keep up my fitness schedule without VAAM! It has really helped me and I've been recommending it to my friends and colleagues who enjoy endurance sports."

Suzanne Warmack, Texas, USA
Internet Sales Director for KMOL-TV

"Just wanted to let you know I had the best race of my life this year in Kona (Hawaii Ironman). Was a personal best by over 90 minutes on a tougher than average day. Of course every year seems to be the "worst winds ever." The fact is it is always awful, but I felt strong all day. I used 3 packets of VAAM on race day. Once in the morning. In the special needs bike bag and one in special needs run. I would like to reserve more for the next shipment!"

Paul Timmons, Delaware, USA
Gym owner and fitness trainer

I can't rave enough about VAAM. I like the fact that you recover more quickly from your workout and seem to be able to run for a long time while taking VAAM. It has a flavour that is not going to overwhelm anyone (don't worry, it actually tastes good).

Mark Coogan, 3rd place US Elite Male, Boston Marathon 2002

"I'm impressed with VAAM - it seems to take 3-4 days of using VAAM with my endurance training (cycling) for the effects to really make a difference. VAAM also seems to help with recovery time after a hard workout. I have compared VAAM to Accelerade and VAAM wins hands down. I've got a lot of racing coming up in April so I'm hoping VAAM can help out!"

Wendy Straatman, USA

"I'm impressed with VAAM - it seems to take 3-4 days of using VAAM with my endurance training (cycling) for the effects to really make a difference. VAAM also seems to help with recovery time after a hard workout. I have compared VAAM to Accelerade and VAAM wins hands down. I've got a lot of racing coming up in April so I'm hoping VAAM can help out!"

Wendy Straatman, USA

A Little Bit Older?
Get a Step On The Young Ones!

If you're a bit older, you know full well that your metabolism is not what it used to be when you were much younger. Metabolism just slows down with age...

By taking VAAM, your muscles will reduce lactic acid build up, and you will be able to train your older muscles longer and recover quicker. You can have that edge on them younger racers just through the benefits of VAAM.

Here are a couple of testimonies from the 'Masters Age Group'...

"They call me a cagey veteran in the running community here in Rochester, New York. I'm 44 years old but still kick some of the young guys' butts on the racing circuit. My favorite competitive distance is the marathon.

I ran a 2:30.50 last year at Twin Cities which placed me third in the American Masters Championship. During my long training runs I used some of the VAAM hornet juice. It not only assisted me during the run but helped me recover quicker so I could continue to train hard.

It's easy on the stomach and doesn't taste that bad. I'm hooked. I'm now supplying some of my friends with it so expect some more orders."

Charles Andrews, Rochester, NY, USA
Project Manager, Nortel Networks

I'm 49 years old with a black belt in Aikido. Before I found VAAM, I was breathing like Darth Vader in class, trying to keep up with the guys in their 20's. With VAAM, nobody can figure out how I got back my endurance and I'm able slam and get slammed on the mat without needing an old person's walker to get out of the dojo. It is so great to be able to train with endurance again.

Paul White, Rhode Island, USA

VAAM Hornet Juice is the Secret to Success
of the 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist ...
It Can Be Your Winning Formula Too!

VAAM was a crucial factor in helping Japanese marathoner Naoko Takahashi win Gold in the Sydney Olympics. Takahashi is the 2000 Olympic Women's Marathon Gold Medalist and Winner of the 2001 Berlin Marathon. You will find several news articles talking about her amazing victory (setting the Olympic record of 2:24:14) and revealing that the 'secret to her success' was from this unique sports formula derived from Japanese hornets.

Takahashi genuinely endorsed VAAM because she actually drinks it ... not because of a fat paycheck!

Historically, athletes sign on to promote a product because of the large payout they will receive by doing it. But not Takahashi. She told the press that VAAM was the key to her Olympic victory because she was a regular user of the Japanese sports formula, not because she was paid by the company that produces VAAM. (Takahashi did not sign on to advertise the product until 4 months after her Gold Medal performance.)

Thanks to her legendary marathon coach, Yoshio Koide, Takahashi discovered VAAM, and he made it part of the scientific marathon training for Takahashi. Koide also coached Yuki Arimori, Barcelona Olympics Marathon Silver Medalist, who also benefited from VAAM.

Since Takahashi's performance at the 2000 Olympic Games and the 2001 Berlin Marathon, she has set a buzz in the running community.
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Don't delay if you're ready to start improving your athletic performance and choose VAAM!

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