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VAAM Testimonials

We've collected a few testimonials from VAAM customers. What better way to learn more about this 'killer hornet juice' from real people who have tried VAAM... and have been stung by it! If you have any questions or comments on VAAM, email

[Posted July 2005]

"I used VAAM on most runs especially my long runs and hard speed sessions and I have found it really does give me that extra endurance and energy I need. It taste great and so I find it is easy to take. On short runs when I feel I need a boost I take it half and hour of so before and then I notice a good energy improvement when I start running. Will continue to use it and recommend others to try it too. Thanks "
Jane Manthorpe
Canterbury, New Zealand

"I read some of the user's comments, that it took a couple of weeks for them to notice any difference. Well I noticed the difference on day one. I tend to have a basic training run of 15km. It is an easy flat route. I generally have to rein myself in after about 10km to avoid the heat from beating me down the last few kilometers. Well with VAAM the last 4km are when I feel the best. What a refreshing change! To just float to through the last couple of kilometers no matter how warm it is. I feel young again! Thanks for a great product."
Jeff Venable
Dallas, TX

"I used them all, VAAM really work for me, I could not believed it, my run has improved and my endurance was longer than usual. I recommend it if you need endurance for your sports. VAAM is answer for you! "
Patrick Singrajphak
Grovetown, GA

"I was trying to get back in shape when I first ordered the VAAM. I was injured in a race. I used it on the longer rides and it did seem to help me finish those rides with out a problem even though I had not been riding for a while. There is a definite edge for endurance. I was also running on my off the bike days and I really felt the difference there, I was able to go faster and longer even though I had not worked out for a while due to the injury. I am in a little better shape now and want to try it again now that I am racing again. Thanks"
Rigoberto Jimenez
Saugus, CA

"I am training to run my first marathon. I feel like it is helping me with improving my time and distance. I have dropped 8 pounds since I started using it and I plan on purchasing more. "
Theresa Ann Stevens
Encino, CA

"I have noticed an increase in my mental focus during training. This gives me the ability to keep in the best form possible and get the best out of each work out. I also noticed a very nice stead increase in my endurance. Thank u so much VAAM! VAAM VOOM. Peace. "
Alton Roberson III
Wahiawa, HI

"The weather has turned cold and limited the riding for now, but I have taken a few times and seem to give me a noticeable boost in energy and attitude. I will have better results after some continued use. Trying to save it for the real endurance that I will need with warm weekends. "
Michael Byrnes
Joliet, IL

"I only just started using VAAM but I am optimistic that it will help me as I prepare for the NYC marathon. I hope for quicker recovery from workouts and increased levels of performance in races. I plan to continue using it throughout my training and so will certainly order more in due course."
Mitchell Thompson
Shaker Heights, OH

"We had this biggest race in Enduro this weekend in Iceland. Me, Haukur my husband, my daughter Anita and my son Arnor did race. We had also 2 guys from my shop and 1 guy from Sweden; he is in championship in Sweden. We all tried VAAM. We drank it before the race, during the race and after. The guys did race in 6 hours and they felt more energy. Haukur has been very tired for couple of days, been working too much but they ended in 4th place and that is very good. We had 200 teams in this race.

I am 40 years old and I have this illness which doesn’t allow me to exercise much so I went into this race without exercising and it was for 45 min. I did finish the race and then the guys where racing so I was from 8:00 kl. In the morning until 20.00 in the afternoon so very busy racing and then looking after the guys, running to the starting gate to look at the time and then back to see if they need water and so on. Normally all this would have make me out of energy, but I stayed up till 1 kl. In the night and had a lot of energy. The day after I would have been so tired but I wasn’t so tired, so I think of my first experiment have quite good results."
Theodóra B. Heimisdóttir
Reykjavík Iceland

"We have been using VAAM for a few weeks now and are pleased with the results. Both of us were on a plateau in are training and getting frustrated. After using VAAM for the first week we did not really notice any difference and where thinking, mmmm is this another performance drink that does nothing (their are so many on the market.) But during the second to fifth weeks we noticed an increase in are capacity to do more reps and also recovery times improved. Look forward to a continuing improvement. "
Tim & Karen

"I am 46 years old and started running last year for stress relief and recreation. The first time I tried VAAM I only felt "hotter" during my run, by the third time I took it I definitely had an improvement in my endurance and my speed, I was able to increase the speed in the treadmill and maintain it for the full duration of my run. What I also noticed is that when I take VAAM, after I finish I feel that I can continue running, as opposed to barely finishing all exhausted. At my age, it sure feels great to have all this energy! "
Martha Lozano
Long Beach, CA

"I have been using the VAAM regularly for a month and so far I felt great. I also went hiking/backpacking for a week to the Grand Canyon and I kept using VAAM in the mornings before I start the long hiking day and I have to say my endurance was definitely superior than other hikers and at times I was even running those trails with backpack and all. I will definitely order it again."
Maria Victoria Recio
Nashville TN

"I am actually now on my second order of VAAM. I originally bought the VAAM for a snowboarding trip. I find that at the end of the day on the mountain that fatigue really begins to hinder my ability to ride. This is a concern because that is how injuries occur. I found that using the VAAM kept me fresh and lively for a full day. It also kept me from being sore my whole trip. As impressive as that was I was more shocked to see the results when I got home. I play basketball year round. I play the off guard position and one of my tactics is to outrun and tire down my opponents. My first game back from my trip I was very lethargic. I normally do not come out of games and my teammates rely on my speed and conditioning to keep an up-tempo offense. I just could not keep going. The next game I used my last VAAM packet and I felt like my old self - the old self that was 10 years younger and in college! I am close to 30 and I was running the younger guys ragged the whole game! Needless to say I am impressed. Thanks, "
Holland Jackson
Richardson, TX

"Got my VAAM and am using it before and during my runs. Can't run without it! "
Beverly Ireland
Surrey, BC

"I'm 57 years old and have started training for a marathon. I have run with & without taking VAAM - it is without question that I have my best times and feel my best during and after a run when I have taken VAAM. It’s not a feeling of great energy or any extra boost, it’s just that I feel I can keep going - and going. Thanks."
E. Michael Fitzpatrick
Fishkill, NY

"I am a new user of VAAM and so far, I am fairly impressed. On the surface, there are three positive attributes a) it's slightly more powerful than energy gels b) my average HR for long runs is down by a few beats per minute; and c) I experience less muscle fatigue after the workout. On the flip side, I wish that VAAM could come in gel form, in order to enable runners to digest it on the run (most races do not allow runners to place their own drinks at drink stations). "
Widi Susanto
Perth WA, Australia

"I have had a wonderful experience with VAAM as well as diet amino. I can run longer at a faster pace and not feel winded. On cool days it seems like I can go for miles. VAAM helped me pass a physical fitness test to get a governmental job. I am very impressed. "
Brian K. Kailbourne
Plano, TX

"Well, I've been using VAAM for the past month on long runs and speed training and can definitely feel something. One thing that I've noticed is a big difference in my recovery. When I don't use VAAM, I'm tired and sore immediately following a long run.But after using your product, I feel as if I didn't work out at all. Thanks."
Sue Durst
Verona, WI

"It took about several packets to feel the effects. It's not so much like the boost you get from caffeine or ephedra but more like it allows you to work more and longer because your muscles cramp less. It definitely reduced my lactic acid build-up. Before VAAM, I would be so sore the morning after, especially after a new training routine. Now, there's less soreness on my muscles. I've recommended VAAM to some of my gym buddies. Thanks"
Marites Venzon
Tamuning, GU

"I use it 30 minutes before my work out and it seems to get me going as I exercise from 12:30 to 1:30 and then again from 6:30 to 7:30. Logged in 31 miles the 1st week (walking once a day); 31 miles the 2nd week (walking once a day) and last week averaged 62 miles (walking twice a day). I mainly walk for an hour each time at a speed at around 3.5 to 4.5 miles per hour. For the last several mornings I feel sore and have to learn how to walk again for the first few steps but I figure it is just increase in miles walked. "
Richard E. Hill
Palm Desert, CA

"Well, my VAAM arrived two days ago, but I only tried it out this morning for my morning spin class. It was wonderful. This morning's class was my fifth teaching this week and I was feeling really tired. I was able to last through the entire class and I even threw in a few more jump and sprint sequences. I knew immediately that it was the VAAM because after last night's kick-box class that I taught (without using VAAM), I felt like my legs were going to fall off! Thanks again."
Jeanette Roberto
Hagatna, GU

"I received my shipment right on schedule. Thank you. Unfortunately my schedule at work had wreaked havoc on my work outs this week. The first time I used VAAM I should not have worked out. I was exhausted to begin with and the only sensation I got was a warm tingly feeling on my arms and the top of my head.

Three days later however I took one packet with water before my cardio. I had the best workout in about three months. The third time I took it before my heavy strength training day and I did not notice any improvement. I again think I was too tired to work out. I will write back in a few days once my schedule has settled and I can engage in more organized workouts.

As a matter of interest I gave a colleague a packet to try because I have a strong belief in the placebo effect and I wanted to see if he had any reaction. He was ecstatic to find he couldn't sit still in the cruiser so he patrolled on foot for an hour. His "alertness" which is how he described it lasted a full two hours."
Kuffer Kaltenborn
Portsmouth, NH

"I have only used VAAM 4 times now and I felt a major difference the second time I took it. I usually carry a water bottle with me when I run for at least an hour. However, this time, I did not have to carry any water with me, and I felt very hydrated during the whole run and was feeling very strong as well. The best part of VAAM, is that is taste really good, and it’s easy to digest and does not leave a funny feeling in your tummy. "
Amelia Kwan
Mountain View, CA

"I was pretty skeptical about some magical "hornet juice" as a sports drink. However, the results impressed me. I row for my university crew team, first boat, and I've pulled my best pieces after making VAAM a part of my preparation. Gatorade works for the quick power boost, but VAAM makes you feel like you can row forever at much higher speeds than you previously thought possible. Using it, I achieved personal records for 6k and 2k on consecutive days -- give it a shot, you'll be impressed. "
Rob Figueiredo
Brookline, MA

"I have use the product and I was amazed at the difference between my runs even after only using the product for 2 days. It is definitely a great product and have recommended it to some of my friends.

I have even used it before my training session as a firefighter. Doing search and rescue, carrying heavy hose and pulling people out of the building is tiring work. But, after taking your product, I felt like I could keep on going. Thank you."
Andrew Kieswetter
Ontario Canada

"I have been using VAAM for exercise and competition and also more recently Diet-Amino for exercise only. Because I have been recording daily a measure of percent body fat for the last year, I can tell you that since using your products, the weight percent fat reduction rate has doubled. I had been generating linear reductions by simple exercise alone, but your products have doubled that rate. I will get back with a plot of this after about two more months of data gathering. These gains did not involve any dietary modifications. It is difficult to tell what the endurance effect has been except to say I have never experienced any stiffness or general fatigue after strong and sustained effort, except in those muscle groups that I had not done proper training and build-up. VAAM is great for events you have trained for, but is no replacement for proper training. During the first couple of uses I noticed moderate increases in sweating and general body heating for the same effort (I was doing 40-60 mile cycling), but the effects were not noticeable after the second use. "
Bill Wightman
Houston, TX

"I first heard about VAAM through a complete twist of fate one day. I saw the webpage and laughed to myself at first and being very skeptical I thought hmmmm ok and called it day and did nothing. About 2 months later whilst training that voice in the back of my head said "what can I really lose?” So I read as much information as I could find on VAAM which eventually swayed me to making my first order. I cycle around 75km a week, do high impact aerobics for 5 hours throughout my week as well as my occupation which involves allot of hard physical work. So did VAAM make a difference in any way? Well in short... yes it did have a noticeable effect! I felt the effects of VAAM after the third day of taking it. I noticed higher energy levels than I would normally have. After cycling my normal distance I felt as if I could continue, possibly allot further! I seemed to recover more quickly than usual after doing aerobics, and lastly which I feel was a bonus was the fact that I felt really great in general! I even took VAAM on rest days when I didn't exercise or work and found that towards the end of the day when I would normally feel tired enough to go to sleep I was staying up later and had lots of energy still! VAAM has definitely given me a boost with my training which I can honestly say several weeks after not taking it is still noticeable! I would highly recommend VAAM to anyone. If you don't try it you'll never know ;) "
Darren Walker
Kent, England

"I just finished the Miami Tropical Marathon 2 weeks ago and thanks to VAAM, I beat my time from last year by almost 30 minutes! VAAM is a great product and I strongly recommend it to all runners. I was very skeptical at first to even try the product. I heard about possible stomach cramps and that alone scared me. Not only did I NOT receive any stomach cramps, but also I did not get any soreness in my muscles. I noticed my recovery time after this past marathon was cut in half!!

The taste is great too--like grapefruit-flavored Gatorade (I only mixed VAAM with Gatorade). Thanks again for such a great product. I look forward to training for my next marathon and using VAAM as my "secret weapon" for maximum performance with minimal effort!"
Swati Vyas
Miami Beach, FL

"I believe VAAM is the best supplement for endurance and burning fat ever produced. I am a professional boxer and boxing is a sport that demands bursts of energy and endurance, VAAM will keep you strong through out every round. Best kept secret in boxing!"
Brian Minto
Butler Pennslyvania

[Posted January 2005]

"I used it about five times already and I believe it gives me a real boost. Almost like caffeine but without that jittery feeling or loss of appetite. I am running my first marathon in Disney, Florida and I plan to have some mixed with my water supply."
Paul A Chirchirillo

"I really didn’t notice anything different such as a lower heart rate but I have noticed its defined recovery properties. Wow! I’ve only used it a couple of times so far but I am impressed nonetheless"
Paul Correia

"The first time I’ve heard about VAAM, was in a sports magazine during the Olympic Games of Athens 2004. I'm a semi -professional kick boxer middle weight full contact class, and the existing training hours I was following, combined with my work really cut down my performance. Then I read the article, I decided to try out this natural product. I must say that I never used any kind of proteins or vitamins in order to have more stamina, because I didn't trust those non-natural products. I can say with no restrains that I saw a 25-30% improvement in my training strength and a 40% of improved endurance also. I will continue to use VAAM in order to achieve maximum performance."
Mike Pappas
Athens Greece

"Ever since I started using VAAM, I noticed an improvement in my endurance, energy and stamina. The first time I took it I felt a slight difference and the second time I took it, I felt a lot better on my run. I am a cross country runner, and VAAM has enabled a lot of my runs to be faster than I could have gone without VAAM."
Cadet Third Class Ashley Culp
Cadet Squadron 35 "Wild Weasels"

"I save it for my really long runs. And I know its working because I've tripled my distances on my second time using it. I know its going to come in handy after this thanksgiving season. And I've got the best shape of my adult life thus far. Thanks. VAAM"
Leo Jaramillo
Orlando, FL

I first heard about VAAM through a complete twist of fate. One day, I saw the webpage and laughed at first. I was very skeptical then. I just thought "hmmmm, OK" and called it a day and did nothing. About 2 months later whilst training that voice in the back of my head said "What can I really lose?" So I read as much information as I could find on VAAM which eventually swayed me to making my first order. I cycle around 75km a week, do high impact aerobics for 5 hours throughout my week as well as my occupation which involves a lot of hard physical work.

So did VAAM make a difference in any way? Well in short... yes it did have a noticeable effect! I felt the effects of VAAM after the third day of taking it. I noticed higher energy levels than I would normally have. After cycling my normal distance I felt as if I could continue, possibly allot further! I seemed to recover more quickly than usual after doing aerobics, and lastly which I feel was a bonus was the fact that I felt really great in general! I even took VAAM on rest days when I didn't exercise or work and found that towards the end of the day when I would normally feel tired enough to go to sleep I was staying up later and had lots of energy still! VAAM has definitely given me a boost with my training which I can honestly say several weeks after not taking it is still noticeable! I would highly recommend VAAM to anyone. If you don't try it you'll never know ;)"
Darren Walker
Kent, England

"I used VAAM for the second time, this year for my second marathon, the Detroit Free Press Marathon. I used a packet 1 hour before the race and brought along a 1 liter bottle with 2 packets diluted in water to drink periodically during over the first 16 miles. I finished the race in 3 hours 27 minutes, nearly 10 minutes faster than last year, and while exhausted at the end of the race, I recovered quickly enough to coach my daughter's soccer game which started just 3 hours after the race finished. Thanks VAAM."
Jim Kempf

[Posted December 2004]

"I had heard of a hornets fluid derivative on UK radio about a year ago but despite visiting health shops and sports supplement providers could only find it stocked on the Internet. I`m a keen soccer player, a sport which - despite reports to the contrary in the US - is a physically tough game requiring long periods of intense running, flat-out sprints at regular intervals and physically tiring tackles and confrontation. Add to this the fact that a game lasts 90 minutes with only one break for rest and you can appreciate why players require large physical reserves of energy. I was a little sceptical at first but after using it a couple of times, I noticed that not only were my physical energy levels improving, but my mental ability was also more acute. I can `see` passes earlier and my first touch of the ball has improved greatly. I also feel much fresher following games than I did before I was using VAAM. It feels as if the VAAM increases the energy supply to the brain as well as the body, improving mental acuity and co-ordination. You can thus concentrate for longer, allowing you to be sharp for a greater period of time during the game. I can honestly say I`ve improved 10% since I began using VAAM, which no amount of coaching could have produced. Thank you VAAM."
James Cullen

"I love VAAM. I tried VAAM for the first time during an Olympic distance triathlon the first weekend in October. My 10K run split was my personal best. I was able to cut my time by 10 minutes from my pervious 10K split 4 months prior. The following weekend I did another Olympic distance triathlon event. I used VAAM again and this time I improved my 10K run split by 3 minutes more and this was on a tougher hillier run course. VAAM is amazing. I felt strong from start of the race to the finish in both races and I did not have the sore muscles I usually have after racing hard. What a great product. I am sold on VAAM. I plan on using VAAM for all my long distance events.
Joseph Robinson

I have been using my VAAM and have noticed less fatigue, especially in my long runs (18-22 miles). I'm currently training for New York in November and will make sure that I take my VAAM before and during the race.
John Wieser

The VAAM juice has been real fun to experiment with. I have noticed a great deal of energy and endurance when I use the product. I also enjoy the refreshing taste of VAAM, it is not too harsh, nor too light. I am a personal trainer and I have been recommending it to all of my clients. Thanks.
Nina Frank

I'm ecstatic about the endurance I've seen with VAAM. Easily 25% improvement in my exercise times!
Edward Zampella, MD

I used VAAM at the world 100K championships and was quite pleased with it. I ran very strong during the last 30K and in fact my last 10K was the fastest of the entire race, which is very rare in a race of that length. I passed a whole bunch of people during the last 2-3 hours; I had a lot of energy during this later stage of the race when almost everybody slows down. So I think it had a very positive effect and was very satisfied with it.
Mark Werner

My name is Frederik Buitendag, and I'm from South Africa. I was booked of sick one day,and were busy watching National Geographic on TV. They had a program on about Hornet Bees which were very interesting. At the end of the program they were talking about VAAM, which draw my attention a lot. I decided to go on the internet and read more about it. I then decided to try it out. I ordered my first box. When receiving it I immediately tried it out. I were amazed with the results that I got.I run 4 times a week, and after taking VAAM, I improved my time with 3min, 30 seconds that day. It was unbelievable. I immediately recommended it to a friend of mine. She is a cyclist and weight lifter. She took the VAAM one Saturday morning before she went cycling, she cycled 60km that day and never felt that good after a session. She went cycling the following day again, without taking VAAM, and
cycled 80 km that she has never tried before,and then did weights afterwards and went up with her weights the heaviest she has ever done. She could not believe what it has done for her too. I have recommended it to more of my friends, who tried it out, and were more than just satisfied. Thank you for giving us a product that finally works
Frederik Buitendag
South Africa

[Posted October 2004]

"At first I was skeptical about a "hornet power" drink, but the scientific theory behind the product convinced me to give it a try. Wow, was I happy I did. I found VAAM allowed me to run farther without suffering leg fatigue. While using it at the recent Toronto marathon I found I had extra energy at the 20 mile mark that I had never experienced before in a marathon. Thanks again."
Ian Campbell
Ontario, Canada

"I am a high school cross country and track coach. I have been running for 26 years! I recently had a situation arise that has caused me to be more motivated to run than ever before. I wanted to drastically increase my mileage, which I started. I have been drinking VAAM now for a few months and I believe it has helped me achieve my mileage goals. I have doubled my mileage from 35 to 65 miles per week and I am on week 7 of 60+ miles per week. Incredible! While it has not been easy, VAAM has helped me get to where I want to be. Thanks and I highly recommend it! By the way, it tastes great too (mixed in my orange sports drink).

My winning formula: My dedication + courage "X" VAAM = :-)"
Mark Dingus, HS Coach
Blountville, TN

ÒI am very impressed with VAAM hornet juice. I am a road bicycle rider who averages 150 miles per week. I have not told several of the people I ride with about my "special friend". It has been more fun to look at the expression on their faces as I show energy and stamina I never had before. I am completely sold on your product, and plan to continue using it. I have experienced no adverse side effects whatsoever.Ó
Peter Kennedy
Bellevue, WA

"I'm a cautious kind of a guy! I've used it on a couple of training runs, which did go well, and had 2 sachets' worth before my most recent half marathon, which went really well. I suppose I'm partly wondering whether it would have gone really well anyhow. It's hard to isolate the various factors involved, isn't it. I should maybe try two extremely comparable workouts, on with VAAM and one without, to see if I can spot a difference. I'll almost certainly be back for more when my current stock runs out."
Chris Owen
Cheshire, Great Britain

"I first thought the taste was far better than any other energy drink I've had in the past. I tried VAAM the first few times and didn't really feel much different. But when I did harder, longer workouts I could definitely tell the difference. During a recent 5K, while drinking VAAM, I ran my first 2 miles hard and ran my last mile even faster. I have a lot more endurance when I use VAAM."
Caleb J Brown
Des Moines, IA

"I am an ardent skeptic. I do not believe in miracle cures, the benefits of performance-enhancing drugs over their detriments or even most homeopathic remedies. I do, however, give credence to sources that have no vested interest in a product about which they are writing or speaking. In the case of VAAM, Esquire magazine printed a brief report about an athlete's experience with VAAM. While the author was not interested in continuing with the product, it was apparent that the product did live up to its claims of increasing endurance and athletic productivity. On the basis of that report, I felt confident in ordering VAAM to augment my martial arts training. My interest in training was flagging considerably, as I had reached a definite learning plateau. VAAM changed the quality of my work-outs and my attitude towards them almost immediately. My endurance increased and, in turn, my interest in and motivation for training was rekindled."
J. Ward
Washington DC

"I've started using Vaam last week. I can't feel anything on my first try but yesterday while jogging up the hill with my sister, I gave her some. As for her, she can't feel any increase on her performance but she perspires more than usual.

I do not know whether it is due to psychological, my usual jog will require me to slow down on certain steep slopes but it was different yesterday. I kept pushing without tiring out and amazingly, my ECG watch indicates that I was training at 90-95% (usual 80%) of my heart rate and I wasn't even aware or feel it! Just for precaution, I slowed down to 85%.

I just put up another order yesterday and my sister will take Vaam now especially after I told her on the weight lost ability."
David Ong
Selangor, Malaysia

"I tried VAAM for the first time last week. I play ice hockey and I wanted to see if this would benefit my game and increase my stamina. I had not played for 2 weeks due to an injury and wanted to use VAAM to make sure I had stamina to last the whole game. Sure enough, VAAM helped me. I was not tired and could have stayed out on the ice the whole. Our bench was shorthanded, but I had endless energy.

I'm taking the remaining packets of VAAM to participate in the Las Vegas hockey tournament this weekend. Since we play 3 games in a 48 hour period, I am relying on VAAM to keep me going."
Mitchi Shibata
Los Angeles, CA


Posted September 2004

"I have used VAAM for over a month. I use the treadmill five days a week. When I started I could only do 20 minutes. After a week or so it went to 30 minutes. My heart rate does not race, I have no pain the following day and I am eager to get back on the treadmill. I still do the treadmill daily but I have switched to the Diet Amino for the last two weeks. I have been on both of your products for about six weeks they are excellent. With the Diet Amino there is increase in sweating so I asume more fat is being burned up. With the original VAAM I also sweated alot. I love both products but since my goal is to lose fat I am sticking with the Diet Amino."
Yvonne Hall
Far Rockaway, NY

"I have my husband hooked :) He LOVES it, he's been looking forward to lifting every day after work, he's been upset if we miss a day... my husband is almost out and has been reminding me to order more :). He says he's felt awesome after his workouts."
Remona Mansilla
Nanticoke, PA

"VAAM was amazing, it kept me going and going on the treadmill. It made me work more time with no signs of feeling tired which made me lose more weight."
Abe Tarrifi
Silverdale, WA

"I did notice a marked difference in my training endurance. About 10-15 minutes into my workout, I seem to get a "second wind" and fly the next hour or so with ease. It feels good to be working out harder with no attendant exhaustion. I will be ordering more VAAM!"
Yvette Hill
Irvine, CA

"I've recently purchased my third order of VAAM, and now I can safely say that all the hype is definitely true. I can make the most of my workouts on VAAM. I am not a marathon runner, but I do work out regularly. I didn't notice any significant change on the first week, but gradually I found myself exercising more intensely with less effort. What really impresses me is the fact that I don't have much post-exercise soreness. This is very different from energy drinks which contain caffeine. So there's no sudden rush. I would recommend this product to anyone serious about fitness. It's a little expensive, but well worth it."
Leia Hortillosa
Barrigada, Guam

"Hey there Rina. Very sorry for not replying sooner. I have tried to reply back to you but sometimes the training and life gets on the way of things. Well here is my story, I'm a customer that got connected to the product from your story on the Discovery Channel's (I'm not sure if that was the channel) Hornets from Hell Show. This show has been one of the most interesting and educational shows I've seen in years. I practice Kendo two to three times a week and ride my Mountain Bike the same two to three times as well. It's a heavy 5 day training schedule. I would've run out of energy during these activities frequently before trying the juice. Trying different power drinks with very little effect. This is my first time trying it and I have seen an improvement in my performance. I drink lots of Gatorade to keep me hydrated. Does this help VAAM or does it cut the effect on my training? Please let me know of any good tips using VAAM on the type of training I do. Maybe your knowledge will help me improve the way I use VAAM. I need to try it again to really tell the big changes. I will like to place a new order for more VAAM. Thank You soo much for your help."
Jose Alvarez
Anaheim, CA

"Normally I do not ingest anything synthetic that isn't all natural but since I am pretty healthy I decided to try VAAM upon reading about it in Esquire magazine. There was mention of headaches at first but I only experienced one slight headache which was only when I ate food about 4 hours after the packet...No bother though, Since I do not take medication nor anything for headaches my body quickly rid the ache away. That was only on the 2nd packet though. I took the 1st packet without exercise so that my body had a chance to get use to VAAM as a precaution. Then started again 2 days later by using 2 packets. The 3rd day I decided to exercise and I hit the basketball court pretty hard. No aches nor pains, and I lost a few pounds too! The 4th day I took VAAM did not exercise, ate 1 meal and then the 5th day I took 2 packets within 8 hours hit the courts again pretty hard, ate a small meal. Bottom line: I lost a total of 8 pounds in 7 packets! Although, weight isn't really important to me nor is it the reason I decided to start using VAAM. I wanted to cut my abdominals without having to bulk up, or by strenuous non-muscle building exercise...I would have to say that VAAM has cut my abs by at least 1 full inch in less than a week!!!"
Jeff Lokken
dAlene, ID

"I just placed a third order for VAAM the other day. I absolutely love it! What I have noticed is that I stay better hydrated on my long runs. Also, I do not get an upset stomach from VAAM. It has really made a difference for me, and yes, I have shared some of my packets with some of my running friends. I am really glad I tried your product, and I will continue to use it in my training. Thanks so much!"
Roseann Wolak
St. Cloud, MN


[Posted August 2004]

"VAAM Power has made a HUGE difference in my long workouts. My endurance and speed were increased without question. I just simply mix a packet in a bottle of watered down sports drink before I head out for a long workout and it's amazing how strong I feel. A couple of times I forgot to use VAAM before a long workout and I really felt the difference. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience this product for myself. Thanks for offering such a amazingly products!!! "
Paul Duck
Bradenton, FL

"So far, I think it actually works for me. I sweat a lot during exercising, and feel like I have more stamina than without VAAM. With longer hours of exercise, I have lost more than 12 pounds in 2 months. Probably the most important fact is that I want to exercise once I drink VAAM! Thank you very much."
Tetsunori Higashida
Durham, NC

"I'm in the the Army and run almost everyday. The first time I used VAAM in the morning I was mentaly skeptical but started out for a 3 mile run. One thing I remember most is when I hit the 1.5 mile mark I still had energy as if it was never gone. If fact that I finished off the run going uphill when usually I run out of gas, not this time. I still had the energy to speed up the hill and finish to the line. Great stuff."
Travis Harkins
Bedford, TX

"Vaam has been working great for me. I have been taking it 30 min. before my long workout (longer than 2 hrs.). I also take it w/me during my long run or bike. I drink it every hour to charge my energy. I do it during my triathlon race, too. I feel great, very energized when I have vaam in my system. I am planning to use it during my Ironman race this fall."
Michiko Perry
Oak Park, IL

"I can now say with confidence that VAAM is the best ergogenic supplement I've ever tried, and that it works without a doubt. To prove it to myself and to measure its effects, I used a heart rate monitor and a computerized exercise bike. I set a specific intensity level each time I exercised, and I was amazed to see that VAAM lowered my heart rate by 20-30 beats per minute! As a result, I was able to extend my workouts and get more intensity in without overdoing it. After I got off the bike, I went straight for the weights, and did a full workout there. I'm about 250 lbs and I wondered how much of an effect a single packet of VAAM would have on a guy my size, and I'm just so impressed. Highly recommended!"
Matt Schifter
Orlando, FL

"I was skeptical to try VAAM at first, but I noticed that an old high school rival (Mark Coogan) endorsed it, so I figured it was worth a try. I take VAAM before my long runs and notice that I feel strong, especially at the end of the run. Also, I seem to recover faster. I also take VAAM before races and have been very impressed with the results. I ran a 5 mile race a month before I started taking VAAM in 27:45. After using VAAM for a month I ran another 5 mile race in 26:38!!! A personal best at age 38!!!! Thanks for making such a great product!! "
Peter Lopriore
Somerset, MA

"I have found really good results with VAAM. Ive been using it during my summer training in preparation for my upcomming collegiate cross-country season and have noticed a increase in my endurance, especially during long track workouts. Because the taste is so mild it doesn't upset my stomach. VAAM has helped me complete that last set in workouts feeling strong, versus struggling to complete the task. I love it!."
Christal Cuadra
Honolulu, HI

"Since I have been using VAAM, my endurance has gone through the roof. I am training for a marathon right now, and I feel like my body has turned into a machine! I feel like my body doesn't want to stop. I feel like the energizer bunny, I just keep going, and going! I would suggest this product to any one who is serious about there training! Thank you VAAM!"
Rick Smith
Brighton, Michigan USA

"About 30mins before my long training days, I mix and drink 1 packet of VAAM. I've noticed that I feel a bit less fatigued during my training, and my perceived effort level has decreased. This is good for my triathlon training, allowing me to build my endurance level with less pain! :) I haven't been using VAAM for my shorter training days, simply because it is a little too expensive; I use if for most of my long training days. :) I haven't used VAAM for racing yet, but I will be testing it out in a couple of weeks for my Aquathlon, then a few weeks after that for my 1/2 Ironman race. So, for now, I will continue to enjoy using VAAM and reap whatever benefits I can from it. Thanks for catching my interest, and thanks for the follow up. "
Teresa Ryang


[Posted June 2004]

"I can attest to the positive qualities of VAAM. It has allowed me to train with more endurance and stamina. I just completed my first marathon in 3:55 using VAAM. During my training I experienced an injury that took me off schedule, so I was glad to meet the time I made under the circumstances. The last three miles were a physical chore for my legs although I felt like I still had energy left. I will continue to experiment with VAAM to achieve optimum performance."
L.S. Miller

"Like the person that's reading this, I was skeptical of anything being marketed as "Hornet Juice." I read other testimonials and decided to try it. You will not notice the difference in using VAAM... until you forget to use it on one of your training runs... trust me! I went into Boston this year thinking PR (2:59:11). If you hadn't heard yet, temperatures in Boston were 1 degree away from a record for the event. Some will say they hate running in heat. Me, I can't run in heat. Needless to say, I was really bummed at the temperature, and I didn't feel like becoming one of the many people lying on the side of the road with people working on them. Long-story-short... the heat was outrageous, but I finished in 3:24, after deciding that I was not going to try to put myself in the hospital. I started 2306 (by time), and finished 1518, which gives a good indication to the kind of day we all had. When I crossed the finish line I have to say I was pissed, because my legs felt like I had run about 5 miles. I honestly feel that if the temps were halfway sane, I could have easily run a PR! I have never felt so good the day after a marathon, and I believe I owe that all to VAAM. There was virtually no recovery time! I had worried about dehydration in the heat using VAAM for the first time in a marathon, but I suffered nothing of the sort. Why did the time drop off?... you might say. If you can't run in heat as a general rule, you'll understand. I'm buying more VAAM. I think anyone who uses it will realize a major difference in your stamina! Now get out there and train! :)"
Jason Coburn
Crown Point, IN

"Well I never have been a good runner but my job in the military includes a lot of running. After using Vaam two times I was able to see how much more power I got from it. Most people want proof when it comes down to it, and yesterday I got my proof that Vaam really works. I had my PT test for my job. Normally my 3 miles has been about 23 to 24 minutes but I took one packet of Vaam and I was able to run my 3 miles in 18min 52 sec. I know most of the people who use this are marathon runners and stuff, but I just wanted to let you know what it did for a average guy trying Vaam. Thank you"
Ryan Hendrickson
Boise, ID

"I have only had a few opportunities to use it and didn't feel that I was yet able to make judgement on your product yet. I was waiting until today to respond because I had a race this morning and wanted to use VAAM and then make my evaluation (it is a holiday weekend in the U.S.- I'm not sure if you are emailing me from Japan). Anyway, I had a tough weekend of training and wanted to go out and do this running race as some additional training (thus, I didn't have high expectations on my performance). I drank a packet of VAAM about 20-25 minutes before the start. I will admit that at the beginning of the race, I was feeling a little sluggish (from all of the miles of the past three days) but after about 3 or 4 miles I was feeling good. Then at 8 miles into the run, I had a surge of power and energy. Very strange, I thought. If that was the VAAM kicking in, you can be sure that I will be ordering more. I finished quite strong despite not being rested for the race and was rather pleased with my performance."
Anissa Seguin
Valencia, CA

"I have just experienced some of the greatest moments in my athletic endeavors! I can't thank you enough for this product but also for your very timely responses. I do have another question, is it alright to mix up a package of VAAM and water and then take it to the hockey game with me or should I drink it right away. I get to the game about 1.5 hours before we start playing and would like to take it closer to the time we start. I mix my VAAM with water in a little container and then shake it up so I can mix it just before I drink it if that is necessary.

Also I would like to add that you forgot about one side effect from using VAAM. You forget when to stop! After my fist hockey game using VAAM I was ready either play another game or at least walk home from the ice rink. I am absolutely amazed at not only the continued energy level that will push me through anything but the clarity of the mind when other‰Ûªs have started to fatigue not only am I physically ready to over power them but I find that my mind is a quick at the end of the game as it was in the beginning. That alone is worth a fortune if you have any competitive bone in your body. Please pass along my gratitude to the founders and all those that make this product available as well as all of you doing fantastic customer support and the shipping of this wonderful product to those that are in need of a competitive edge in their game! Best wishes and endless gratitude"
Colin Duffy
Mesa, AZ

"I LOVE VAAM!!! I workout at my local gym 6 times a week. On Monday nights I take a series of three exercise classes, 60 minute Weight Lifting class (Rep-Reebok), 30 minute Ab Class then a 75 minute Kickboxing class. Before I started taking VAAM it was like hitting a brick wall about 15 minutes into kickboxing. Now I run circles around everyone! I have so much energy after my workouts it's AWESOME! I'm training right now for a 75 mile hike later this summer. I have to make sure I pack light because I'm not going without my VAAM! Thanks VAAM!"
Lake Stevens, WA

"My experience with VAAM has been limited thus far, but so far I must say I am impressed. My first dose was not an immediate shocker as far as increased endurance, but I did note new life in my legs on my training run, less lactic acid buildup. I am an age grouper triathlete, so I am always searching around for new products to give me an edge. My second dose of VAAM was where I noticed the change, I had an Olympic length triathlon which I had prepared for, but this one was different as I was sliding down into the grips of a headcold. I awoke race morning to an extremely stuffy head and congestion. I almost considered backing out of the race, but decided to at least start and see how things went. I drank one serving of VAAM 30 minutes before the race (which tastes great I must add) and filled my bottle again so that I had some for the bike leg. I was able to not only finish but I finished in about the same time I had the year before. So on a day I thought I may not race, I have VAAM to thank for pushing me through."
Mike Shannon
Austin, TX


[Posted April 2004]

"Having run a poor one in Boston Marathon the previous year, I needed something to help improve my times and reduce lactic acid for my recovery. I carefully selected VAAM. After a few times using the product in training I knew this would be just what I needed to help accomplish my goals. My next Boston Marathon was pretty much pain free and I improved my time by 26 minutes!!"
Mike Kodya
Liverpool, NY

"I'm very glad to talk to you again. I would like to inform you that I have returned to my workout on distance running and I have used the VAAM packets for several times. I must admit that at the end of the session I feel more powerful and energetic, especially when the session consists of a long run, lasting more than 1 hour. I will keep using VAAM packets for the next days, to be more sure about the effect of this product."
Angelos Vetsis
Athens, Greece

"VAAM has been amazing. I actually placed another order last week so I can't wait to get it. Lots more energy and your energy lasts so much longer. Great product."
Stacey Newman
Milton, Ontario, Canada

"I like your product and think it has helped me in endurance and effort. I would recommend it to anyone in training. Thank you!"
Geard Conca
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

"Since I have started using VAAM, I noticed a signifigant increase in my stamina and endurance. As a professional soldier, I can run two miles at a seven minute mile pace and have a conversation the entire run without evening feeling winded. This is the result of taking VAAM."
Captain Marvin D. Kellem IV
U.S. Army, Fort Lee, VA, USA

"First of all, thanks for the great service that VAAM power has provided. I was amazed at how fast I got the product I ordered. My husband and I have used VAAM twice prior to different long training sessions of 1 hour 25 minutes of running at about 7:50 to 8:00 minute mile pace. We both felt an immediate buzz from the stuff and we didn't get fatigued as we normally would without VAAM. We are both training for a marathon on June 5, so we wanted to use VAAM on our long runs to see what it will provide for us physically."
Tammy A Schwartz
Eugene, Oregon, USA

"I did receive my order and have tried the product. I am 57 years old and have been participating in triathlons since 1990. Currently my events center around 1/2 and full ironman events. I usually finish in the top 10 of my age group in most events. Your product is excellent and I do notice a training improvement with VAAM. I have tried a lot of products over the years, but VAAM is forreal. If you are looking for age group athletes to sponsor your product, I would be happy to represent your product. Thanks Again. BUZZ BUZZ "
Philip Metzger
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA


[Posted March 2004]

"I've been using VAAM for a few weeks now and have noticed measurable results in my cardio work-outs. I use the Cross Training machine at my local gym and do 20 minutes at level 10, stretch for a minute, then do 10 more minutes at level 8. It is a tough 1/2 hour work out, especially since I use the random circuit which simulates going up hill, level, uphill etc... Anyone out there who has used this machine for training will know what I am talking about. The following is certainly not scientific but I think it is better than telling you that I feel great when using VAAM (which of course I do). Yesterday during the first 20 minute session I pushed hard but still couldn't burn more than 350 calories without VAAM. Using VAAM today, I was able to burn 367 calories with a heart rate of 4 beats per minute lower than yesterday. This may not sound like a lot but the real test came in the next 10 minute session where I burnt 176 calories today, yesterday I maxed out at 143 calories with approx the same heart rate both days. Just to add to today's test I did a 30 minute work out with free weights prior to my cardio session, where yesterday I did not. I am a real believer in VAAM and wanted to share my results when using your product"
Eddie Campbell
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I am training for a Half Marathon in March. I started training back in November. I got my first supply of VAAM in December. The benefits have been excellent. I did a 10 mile training session yesterday and today I have no soreness and I could do the same today if I had to! My main goal for this year is the Dublin City Marathon in October. I find I am able to maintain a strong pace in training and yet I feel I have enough left in reserve. I introduced my friend to VAAM. He wanted to lose a lot of weight. He is training 5 days a week and has loads of energy which he never had before. He will not go to the gym without the VAAM drank. Keep up the good work, thanks for checking in on my progress."
Michael O Connell
Sligo, Ireland

"I received my VAAM sometime last week. Thank you!! I'm an outrigger canoe paddler and used VAAM last season to train and absolutely loved it. I completed a race from the island of Molokai to Oahu (42 miles!!) in September of last year and VAAM really helped with my strength and stamina, without making me feel ill as some recovery drinks do. I am off season right now, but beginning to train again and knew that I could have better training session with VAAM. Thanks again...."
Charla Gella
Pearl City, HI, USA

"I just ordered another 20 packets of VAAM. VAAM has had a dramatic impact on my game. My energy level and stamina are at new heights. I have already exceeded my last season's scoring total in just 4 games! This stuff is awesome! Thanks for making VAAM available and affordable."
Don Peterson (hockey player)
Kansas City, MO, USA

"I have been using VAAM regularly now for morning bike rides of two to five hours. The goal is this type of riding is to stay at a level of effort that allows the body to run on stored fat. In the past I have used PRBar with the 30/30/40 mix of protein/fat/carbo mix that allows the body to metabolize fat. However, the VAAM formula seems to accomplish this even better. I can do a two hour ride without any eating prior and have gone as long as 3.5 hours on one VAAM packet. I'm very excited about your product. Have you considered marketing as a component in the dieting industry---would be a natural."
Dwight McCan
Oakland, CA, USA

"I haven't been able to start a running program yet due to family emergencies. However, I have started drinking the VAAM and it does give me the stamina to get thru some very long days and does so without raising my heart rate or blood pressure. I just feel better and have more energy. I am 61 and really needed to put in some long hours. Thanks"
Kitty Pearson
St. Petersburg, FL, USA

"I bought the VAAM for my boyfriend. He is a boxer. He uses the VAAM to practice every day. He says that he has so much more energy to start with, and that he can go longer and harder in his practices. In his matches you can tell the difference, usually he is getting tired by the fourth round, but with VAAM he doesn't get tired, and could go for more rounds."
Amanda Davidson
Visalia, CA, USA

"I have been able to use VAAM, and would be happy to give a testimonial. Over the last month I have been able to compare VAAM to a sports drink on similar workouts while training for the upcoming mountain bike season (recreational and racing). I have become very clear that at the end of my rides, both indoors and outdoors, I am much less fatigued with VAAM. I feel less cramping, and less stiffness, which means I can get back on the bike earlier and with more energy. I actually feel similar 1 1/2 hours into my workout as I do in the first 30 mins. I have also noticed that I have dropped about 2% body fat in just 1 month, only using the VAAM 1-2 times per week. I tend to reserve VAAM for my longer rides and workouts, and am looking forward to the racing season, as well as those long, all day mountain rides. So far, I am very happy with the results of VAAM."
Rick Mattis
Laclede, North Idaho, USA

"It is incredible the sensation that I felt for my first experience (experiment) with VAAM. During my last marathon while usually towards the 35th kilometer I have systematiquement a big decline of regime, this time I crossed(spent) the "wall" without feeling (smelling) anything, I ended the test in good condition of coolness and cherry on the cake I improved my time. I advice (council) deeply in all to try VAAM at least once it is really effective."
Gerard Lemoine
Luce, France

"I started to use VAAM to know if the product was good, the result was very good because it diminished my time of recovery of the exercises, thus can make exercises more in little time this product is same fantastic."
Laert Lorando Junior
Sao Paulo, Brazil


[Posted February 2004]

"After my first use, I already noticed positive results using VAAM. My brick workout went very well. Here's what I did: -Took daily multi-vitamins -Drank VAAM in the morning on an empty stomach about 45min before use
-Headed out for the brick workout.
-I was relaxed on my 5-mile tempo run. In fact, I noticed my heart rate was reduced about 5bpm at this pace.
-My thirty two mile bike ride was even better. I was going about 2-3mph faster and pulling the pace line longer than I usually did. I noticed that the lactic acid build was significantly delayed, letting me keep up with some experienced racers in the group. They were so surprised to see me still with them.
-The next day, I didn't experience as much muscle soreness as I usually do.
-On the second day, which is usually my rest day, I headed out for an 8-miler. I'm going skiing tomorrow and wanted to get this run out of the way.
-Still even better results. -I ran faster than I wanted to.
-Here's the kicker, I saw that my heart rate was lower than it usually is (5-10bpm) on this run route and had to speed up to raise the readings...even on hills!!! -I was so relaxed. Because I was so relaxed on my run and bike rides, I'm able to keep my form and more efficiently translate my motion into forward movement. I can't wait to try it out on my swims. I didn't think I would see results this fast!!! So far, VAAM is awesome. I'll give it another 30-60 days to see how everything evens out, but it's almost certain that I'll be using VAAM continuously for training."
Romeo A. Dumpit
San Diego, CA, USA

"The VAAM just gets better. I am lifting more weights and my cardio is also better. Thanks to VAAM!"
Bill Kuehn
Littleton, CO, USA

"I was first introduced to VAAM by a Japanese friend. I'm very happy that it has become a very important necessity of all my training workouts and races. Not only it helps me become leaner with the fat burning effect, I also found I am able to last longer and finish strong in my races."
Fiona Lim
Triathlete/Adventure Racer

"What do I think of VAAM? Well, every since I had to go indoors to get out of the cold, I've improved a whole 1.0 mph at the same effort on treadmill. I can't wait to race a 10k! And my recovery has improved dramatically from those really tough workouts with energy to spare. Incredible since I've become a Master's runner and recovery from really hard workouts usually takes twice to 3 times as long it use to. I've tried lots of things to help with performance and recovery but VAAM is the best by far."
Phil Roberts
Greeneville,TN, USA

"...After the first use, I'm sold! I rode 10 miles , 300 sit-ups about 100 pushups, 5 rounds on the bag and then came back and rode 12 more miles. I was not even short of breath for a minute. I had to actually stop myself from working out. Today, I used 1/2 dose, I did 10 hard 2 minute rounds on the bag, only my left arm got tired. Savannah drank the other 1/2 and WOW! full of energy! She was not short of breath either! After going and working out at AMC for the last year, I know (knew) what and where my physical limitations stood. Definitely works for Savannah and me. I found VAAM after watching a special on National Geographic about The Japanese Giant Hornet where they had spoken a little bit about a Japanese Company using the science of what makes the Giant Hornet do what it does. I researched on the internet for hours and could not find any negative reviews, so I decided to give it a try. That was a great decision."
Tony Bakker
Kirkland, WA, USA

"I took VAAM during my past 2 workouts and I feel like the energizer bunny. I am nursing a cough and still I feel stronger...."
Sanjeeb Gopaldas
Malate, Manila, Philippines

"I have used the VAAM five times in the last 10 days, and it is amazing. I have been using it to downhill ski at elevations between 8,000 and 11,000 feet. I am an aggressive expert, and was in 6" to 30" of powder each day. Normally these conditions combined with my length of time on the slope and type of skiing would result in about two less hours of endurance. Skiing fast through trees is dangerous, not to be done when tired. But with VAAM I was skiing until 3:45pm. I had little leg fatigue during the day and NO thigh soreness in the morning. This is unheard of for me. This is like running 10 miles a day at high altitude. And I am 45. No lactic acid, really amazing."
Issaquah, WA, USA

"I am a 46-year-old distance runner who has been running and competing continually on the track and roads for 33 years. I've been using VAAM before my hard workouts (about every other day) during the past two months (November and December). Normally my training during the cold winter months is mostly of the aerobic, base-building nature. I can't believe some of the workouts I am cranking out day after day on my treadmill. My pulse stays quite low during the runs even though I am pushing the pace, and I have no hint of aches or pains after the workouts. I am probably in the best shape I've ever been in this time of year. Also, while many people around me at work and church are coming down with colds and flu, I haven't even experienced a sniffle yet. This is just as important to me as being able to train harder. I've tried many performance supplements over the years. Some help, while many don't do much for me. VAAM is definitely making a positive difference."
Bryan Eder
Williston, ND, USA

"I have used VAAM to train for my marathon. I have noticed much more ease and less effort during my two hour training on the weekends. As I ran today, after I took the VAAM, I decreased my time by thirty minutes, and went the extra mileage that I needed to for my upcoming marathon. I easily went up hills as my body effortlessly raced onward. I would encourage all runners to try this fabulous product!"
Kay Hoffman
Kent, WA, USA

"Hello there! yes the VAAM sports drink is great!! I turn more and more of my friends on to it everyday!!! we do a lot of snowboard and rock climb stuff out here in Jackson Wyoming and the sports packets come in handy when you are out in the hills all day. Definitely feel less of the pump and can hold on for hours longer on both the deep snow and the cliffs. thanks a lot. VAAM really does "keep the juices flow'in" thanks for the VAAM."
Thomas Gatehouse
Jackson, WY, USA

"Unfortunately my supply of VAAM didn't arrive until after my P.F. Chang's Marathon in Phoenix, AZ on the 11th of Jan, but I have been using it for my post race recovery; and I have been using it for my post race recovery; and I have to tell you that it's terrific! I wish I could have used it during the marathon, but I know that I have my hands on something special, and I will make it a necessary part of my next marathon in San Francisco later on this year. I've also been using it during my soccer matches and I have more than enough energy for the second half! Well done...."
Mark Golden
Tucson, AZ, USA


[Posted January 2004]

"I am training for the 2003 ING NEW YORK CITY MARATHON coming up next month. I've always exercised regularly but never included running in my routine because it was always such a challenge for me. About a year ago, I decided to train for a marathon. I've been training with VAAM for about three months and it is really great. I usually consume one packet per hour. I actually switched to another endurance drink for a couple of weeks and the difference in my training was remarkable! I don't plan to switch again. VAAM provides an instant burst of energy and increases endurance. It's during my long runs that vaam provides the greatest increase in my endurance level. I will not place in this marathon, but VAAM will definitely assist me in accomplishing my goal of crossing the finish line of my first marathon."
Regina Fincher
Montgomery, AL, USA

"I bought VAAM to give as a gift to a friend who competes in martial arts. He reported that during his training he had unlimited energy and was able to train for longer hours than usual. He also informed me that he did not suffer body aches and pain which he frequently did prior to using VAAM. I will definitely be buying more of the product to give as a gift."
Tim Choy
Honolulu, HI, USA

"I ran a half marathon and beat my PR by 8:06. I've been training with VAAM for almost 3 months and have been logging faster training runs each week. 3 weeks ago I ran a half marathon as a pacing run for my upcoming marathon. I ran strong and felt like I could keep going for a long time past the finish. I ran each mile from 9th to finish progressively faster. I now have 15 friends taking VAAM along with me on training runs and everyone has told me that it has helped. Thanks VAAM."
John Hildebrandt
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Now I think I have got effect from the juice. Last Saturday I was running a marathon again. It was very hilly !!! If I had known that I would not have been taken part. But I had signed on for it so I had to go. My time is not special good, 5 h 8 min. But it was in Germany after a couple of seminar days with not running friendly food and too much beer. I did hardly get any pain in my legs this time. And I have already been out running today. One hour and 10 min in ordinary speed. I don't feel more tired than usually. This time I started with the juice already 1 h before the race, and I had 2 servings during the race until about 25-30 km."
Gunnar Nilsson

"I find it so funny when people ask me what is that stuff I'm drinking . I tell then it's simply the bodily secretions of the larvae of the Giant Asian hornet of Japan also known as Vespa Mandarinia, The look people give you with their jaws dropped is just classic. Thanks again."
James Marinelli
Lake Hiawatha, NJ, USA

"This stuff is great, I had some last night 30min before a fairly long run and I felt great throughout my run. I am also convinced that my recovery was better than usual. There is so much junk being sold out there, but your product is for real..."
Lloyd Marshall
City Road, London

"I wanted to write a while ago to let you know how much VAAM has changed my running routine. I can't believe the change in my endurance since I started using your product a few months ago. I have told all the guys I run with how wonderful your product is, but some are still reluctant. They do not know what they are missing, but I do! Let them think that I am working harder than they are. I know it's the VAAM. Thanks for making such a great product, and thanks for continuing to check in."
James Ford
Dunmore, PA, USA


"I have used VAAM for almost two years now, and recommend it for long distance running or triathlon competition. My experience shows that it is most effective in distance events over 10 miles, and ultra relays. Energy drinks are effective for warm up and short distance but you still run out of steam on the longer events, whereas the effects of VAAM are more subtle. I find that I do not tire out and am better able to maintain a strong pace through out a race when I use VAAM. Additionally, I am not fatigued at the end and recover much faster than with any other product. Thanks!"
Scott Richardson
Portland, OR, USA

I am 39 and have been using VAAM now for over 3 weeks for my soccer. In the past I was having difficulty lasting the last quarter of the game. Now I consume 1 packet of VAAM just before the game and 1-2 packets at halftime. The difference is unbelievable! While my teammates are starting to tire towards the end of the game, I find myself getting stronger almost like a diesel engine! What is most noticeable is the freshness I feel throughout the game. One thing I know now is that I won't be playing soccer anymore without my VAAM! Thanks for transforming my game".
Kevin Poi
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"When I used the packets I did get an overall sense of well being. I was completing an outside project of setting up a fence. Well, I had to dig 7 holes for posts 4 feet deep each before the frost set in and froze the ground. I did 2 holes a night 3 days straight and finally set the fence up in 1 saturday afternoon. Span of fence was 50 feet, six eight feet length by six feet high panels each weighing about 150lbs. Posts were 4x4 10 feet lengths. Anyway, after all said and done my body did not seem to need a long period of rest between digging holes, carrying panels, holding panels and leveling the entire span. Rest assured you will be seeing a follow up order for more of this stuff. The taste is also very good! Anyway it seems VAAM works energy and endurancewise!

I also gave some to my son. My son had run his cross country practice 1 mile and a half at 12 minute 30 sec. After giving my son a packet the morning of his meet he ran 1 mile and 1/2 in 10 minutes 30 sec and had come in 12th position out of 104 runners. These kids are 7th graders and the weird thing was watching my son at the end pass many people and bolt for the finish. Immediately after the race I asked my son how he felt. His answer was he felt like he had a lot more energy. Thanks!"
James Marinelli
Lake Hiawatha, NJ, USA

"Hi I tried VAAM for three wks. I only used VAAM on my long swims. VAAM helped out a great deal I felt great the longer I went. Vaam helped with the pain I usually have in my shoulders on my long swim that I usually take aspirin for. I feel so much more at ease and can go for a lot longer than before taking the VAAM I be ordering again very soon."
Ed Daymonde
Naugatuck, CT, USA

"I have just started taking VAAM before my morning run. The second day I felt like I had a little more energy than usual. I look forward to the next few days of running and having an increase in energy and endurance. Since this product uses stores of fat for energy is it effective as a weight loss supplement? Thank you!"
David deFluiter
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA

"I have tried many products to improve stamina. And honestly I never had been able to distinguish an improvement due to these products rather than to a simple good training. It's not the same with VAAM, it is really the fist time I can feel the difference when I start to run. I feel (I would say automatically) in good shape when I run after drinking it ! Last race I did, I broke my record even if my training was not so good before. I does not mean, VAAM replaces training. Nothing will do, but it does enhance your natural performance."
Thierry Malandain
Paris, France

"Yes, I had received it today and I could not wait to try it. I went for a run at the local high school track and usually I stop at 3 or 3.25 miles. I could not believe it when I was able to run an additional 2 miles with the same effort. Wow, I cant wait to tell my friends tomorrow at work. Thank you very much for sending out this terrific product. My wife from Tokyo was suprised to see a package from Japan come in our mail. She thought it was something for her. There is a big joke about me that my work friends still talk about. I ran the 1998 L.A. Marathon with 3 1/2 weeks of training and passed out at mile 20. I wanted to make a better effort but unfortunately 2 yrs ago I suffered a severe case of pneumonia and scarred my right lung. So my lung now has a slight handicap. But I think with the help of VAAM I may be able to try another marathon!!!"
Glenn Arabori
Torrance, CA, USA

"I took VAAM for 3 weeks prior to running the Cape Cod marathon on October 26th. Overall, I was very happy with my finish of 3:21, given that I had only trained for 5 weeks - starting on a base of 35 miles per week. I found that VAAM made me feel super energetic!".
Andy Roberts
Melrose, MA, USA

"I am a recent convert to the VAAM Juice. I use it mainly for my weight training. I find I can lift significantly more weight as well as more reps when I use it. Yes, I use it according to the instructions--empty stomache, don't mix with other protein supplements. I find mixing it with Gatorade is really nice! (I only have one complaint, and that is that I seem to urinate much more frequently while on it, but the benefits far outweigh that aspect!) Thanks for the email!"
Perry Castleberry
San Diego, CA, USA


"I ran the Maui Marathon and VAAM helped ... I used it exclusively and never lost any energy ... I had VAAM every 10k and it never let me down ... I am looking forward to running the Honolulu Marathon in December..."
Alan Yoshioka
Makawao, HI, USA

...VAAM helped me by giving me more energy after 2 hours of hard cycling. It helped in my races by reducing my lactic acid build-up in my legs."
Blair Palmer
Winston-Salem, NC, USA

"...I have already run 10 km yestarday with a nice feelings of freshness. Next I drove for 8 hours my car without fatigue. My initial impression-VAAM is great!!! Let me continue to test VAAM. I will share with you my experiences."
Janusz Gawlik
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"...I do notice a difference with VAAM. I seem to be less fatigued toward the end of my long runs. I used it in the "Shadow of the Giants" 50k in Fishcamp CA and found that I was able to run quite hard (for me) to the very end. Although it is expensive and I use it only for longer runs, I find it to provides a "bonk free" experience for my long runs and the shorter ultras."
Dale Matson
Fresno, CA, USA

"...I definitely notice a difference. Particularly in the area of endurance. As you know I play professional football. During practice, we perform a number of running drills. I was never able to complete all the running drills until I started using VAAM. Not only do I complete the drills but I am able to keep up with my team. Also, recovery time is much shorter. At 40, my muscles seemed to be fatigued for a long period of time. Now my recovery time is shorter."
Dona Ferriolo
Hopedale, MA, USA

"...Yes this stuff is great! I do notice a difference in the way I feel. I only use VAAM on my long walks -- that is only once a week. But yes it is great -- I will be ordering more. I'm also trying to get my team mates to order!"
Margaret Carney
Wrightstown, NJ, USA

"I quickly got more energy from VAAM. But the big difference with other products is 1) The energy I get is sustained throughout the day, and 2) My craving for sweets has really dropped off."
Bill Kuehn
Littleton, CO, USA

"I'm not much of a writer, but I do want to say that VAAM has truly made a difference in my training. I feel less fatigue, more endurance and recover very quickly after tough training runs! It's been very exciting and am looking forward to using VAAM in my upcoming marathon. Thanks So much!"
Suzy Seeley
Spring, Texas USA

"...I ordered VAAM to use before competitive rounds of golf. The extra energy keeps me focused and swinging more consistently, which helps improve my score."
Robert Edwards
Albany, GA, USA

With VAAM, I eat less often. Normally I have low blood sugar and have to eat every couple of hours. VAAM is great when trying to lose weight and when fasting. Or if I just have a busy morning and no time to eat breakfast. It keeps me going while exercising too.
Tammi Ziola
Portland, OR, USA


"Tried your product for the first time on my final 20-miler before the Chicago Marathon and it was outstanding. I am looking to run 3:15 and I comfortably ran at 7:40 pace throughout and finished with a 6:50 and a 5:47 for my final two miles. And the next day I felt much better than I usually do after my long runs. Thank you for your product. Will it ever be easier to get here in the US?"
Jim Harding
Streamwood, IL, USA

"As a competitive swimmer at 41 yrs old I swim at many masters events and recently competed at the European masters championship this summer in Millau, France. Although a sprinter, VAAM helped me during my warm up by allowing me to work out but still keep fresh for sprinting. Training with VAAM means my 4000mtr morning sessions are completed in just under an hour. VAAM enables me to keep training hard and assists during warm up competition. Fat burning, I have shed 3 kilos in one month of using VAAM."
Walker Brierley
Park Royal, London, UK

"In the past six months since using VAAM, I've raced a variety of distances from 5K's to Marathons and had noticeable improvement on my times with 4 PR's in the shorter distances. Generally I find VAAM to give me a sustained boost over the distance of the race."
Susanne Woolley
Tulsa, OK, USA

"I have only started using VAAM recently, but have definitely noticed a difference in my endurance level after about the third time using it. Thank you!"
Dee Simmons
Chicago, IL, USA

"I love VAAM. It is great - I usually drink it before/during early morning workouts, and it really helps me make it through with increased endurance. I have been using it for about a year now, and its benefits still continue to amaze me. Thanks!
Cara Hinshaw
Austin, TX, USA

"I decided to try VAAM to see if it could help me take the next step forward in my running. I trained an average of 70 miles a week during the summer and am doing about 60 miles a week now that races have started and 'hard' workouts are more frequent. I first noticed the effects of VAAM when we did an interval workout on a Monday evening and then did a long run the morning after. I took VAAM before both of those runs and to my surprise, on the long morning run I felt great. Normally I would've had a hard time keeping up, but I was please to find myself with the leaders and running comfortably with only a few miles left to go. I've also lost a few pounds, which I had unsuccessfully tried to do for the last 8 months, but with VAAM it only took about two weeks. I'm very pleased with the results of incorporating VAAM into my training."
Jin Daikoku
Tucson, AZ, USA

"I did use VAAM (1/2 packet) so I could drive for 6 hours straight. I was very alert and focused the entire time. It was great!"
Gary Fishbein
Spanish Fort, AL, USA

"I am preparing for a fall marathon, and even though I read everywhere that I have to use carb gels or sports drink to refuel the muscles, I couldn't get myself to do it, because I am also trying to lose weight and I feel like I am stuffing myself. But then I read about VAAM and I decided to give it a try. I was amazed by the results: My long runs which used to become really hard toward the second half (no glycogen supplementation!) became so much easier. I started feeling even stronger toward the end because I always take with me a bottle filled with VAAM that I drink during the run. Now I look forward to the long runs because I know I am going to finish strong. And I don't have to worry about my weight!!"
Sofia Skalli
Chicago, IL, USA

"I have used VAAM for almost two years now, and recommend it for long distance running or triathlon competition. My experience shows that it is most effective in distance events over 10 miles, and ultra relays. Energy drinks are effective for warm up and short distance but you still run out of steam on the longer events, whereas the effects of VAAM are more subtle. I find that I do not tire out and am better able to maintain a strong pace through out a race when I use VAAM. Additionally, I am not fatigued at the end and recover much faster than with any other product. Thanks!"
Scott Richardson
Portland, OR, USA


"I have recieved it (VAAM) and used it after running my local 3.2km course 10 seconds outside my personal best. Later that day and the next day I felt much less in the way of after effects. I am an umpire for and on the occasionional Saturday I am required to umpire two 80 minute games, instead of the usual one. I am planning to use VAAM to improve my recovery for the second game, as last time I cramped in the 78th minute of the second game."
Trent O'Callaghan
Gwelup, West Australia, Australia

"...I just ran a marathon and beat my last time by 23 minutes and lowered my average heart rate by 10bpm. I felt stronger but still beat my goal time by 10 minutes and cracked the 4 hour barrier I've been hoping for. I never felt I wasn't going to finish strong and ran my last mile under 8 minutes. Although my legs were tired from the effort I felt better than I did 6 months ago after a 10k race. What was also amazing was that after the finish, I didn't feel hungry. I've trained with VAAM for just over 3 weeks now and I have to credit the improvement over that time to VAAM. I mixed two packages and drank it just before the start of the race, and had my daughter waiting with another bottle with two packages at the half way point which I sipped until the end. My friends commented on how fresh I looked at the end. I think you're getting 6 - 12 new customers because they want to look the way I did at the end."
John Hildebrandt
Calgary, AB Canada

"I've been using VAAM everytime before I run. Surprisingly, I am able to run farther and faster ... I'm just about ready to order some more!"
Kolby Kirk
Arcadia, CA, USA

"Since I've been training with VAAM, I've noticed increasing stamina and endurance. In certain areas where I would struggle, I know don't. VAAM keeps my energy & stamina high to breeze through my weight lifting regime. It interacts well with my body and recommend it to all.
Joseph Calabro
Belmont, MA, USA

"My boyfriend introduced me to this product, after researching it in Journal articles and sports magazines. He was so sold on the product that I decided to try it. During the school year I run distance on the Purdue Cross Country and Track team, but this summer I have been trying out triathlons. I had tried out VAAM for some local fun runs, and I couldn't really tell if it was working, probably because the distance was so short and there wasn't much competition. Then I decided to try VAAM for my first triathlon (800M swim, 16 mile bike, 4 mile run). It was amazing. I took VAAM 45 minutes before the swim and then during the first transition, and I never even felt tired until the end of the run. I ended up placing second out of 98 women on my first triathlon ever."
Amber Ferner
West Lafayette, IN, USA

"Well I can say this for sure, it seems to me that every time I use VAAM has been on only long runs of 5 or more miles. I have notice, since I am an avid hear rate monitor runner, that my heart rate doesn't seem to jump up as high as fast. I have been training for a marathon and it is nice to get toward the hard part of the run and realize that I have a little extra juice for the ending sprint home to grab some water and stretch out in the air conditioning. Being a certified strength and conditioning coach I am very picky with the things that I put in my body and things that I suggest to people that I train. VAAM doesn't make me jumpy or nervous like some of the other energy drinks that I have used. I really do recommend the product!! If I could afford to drink it every time I trained I would definitely make it a daily ritual!"
Colby Giudicessi C.S.C.S
Denver, CO, USA


"I have been spreading the good news to all my friends, associates and work colleagues about the wonders of VAAM. I have just begun after a three month hiatus. Essentially, I am doing anaerobic training, but I have noticed a significant difference when performing small runs of about 5k. I do not feel as fatigued as I remember, and energy levels appear to be much higher. My recovery times also seem to be much shorter and stamina is improved markedly. I have given a few sachets to friends and they also praise the juice!! All I can say is "Wham Bamm, thank you VAAM"!!! I am about to place another order as supplies are getting low!"
Andre Thomson
Queens Road , Melbourne, Australia

"I am an ultra-runner and am constantly looking for ways to sustain my energy over long periods of intense conditioning. What I noticed most about VAAM is the near immediate return it seems to provide. When feeling exhausted and utterly shot, VAAM provides an almost immediate boost. I have shared my initial order with the my runner friends and they report the same results. Several of them have placed their first orders in the last week. I am glad I found your product and intend to be one of your loyal customers. Thanks!"
Jeremy Meyers
Cool, CA, USA

"I'm out of shape and over weight; do to age (52) and some injuries. I just could not seem to get back into running and swimming, which I enjoy so much. Then while in Japan for some training and sightseeing I heard about this "killer hornet juice" which was supposed to help with endurance and stamina. So I took a packet one morning and started running, WOW! At the point where I usually have to stop I didn't. I got about a third more from the run. So the next day I took it again and jumped in the swimming pool. I did almost twice as many laps! And each time I am adding about 10 more now. My daughter can't believe I am doing more laps faster than her. Thanks VAAM and I got to run now."
Barry Brodeur
Antelope, CA, USA

"Hi Rina, Just want to say thank to a great product!! I did Marathon past Saturday and Vaam did it job and shaved 4 minutes off my time from 3:00.30 to 2:56.00. The product increases my endurance which seems to last far beyond.Thanks!"
Som Soukhome
Zeeland, MI, USA

"I took two packets of Hornet juice before I ran 23 miles ( on the treadmill). I felt good. I came home and felt like I had energy left so I took up a 10 pound sledgehammer and began to break up the cement path that runs along the side of my house. The path was at least 5 inches thick and about 2 and half feet wide. I did not stop until I had done about 20 feet! I also had to pick up extremely big pieces to move them out of my way. Some pieces were too big to lift so I "rolled" them to the side. When my husband came home he could'nt believe what I had done! First he laughed, because he said I was crazy to attempt breaking the concrete with only a sledgemammer. Then he cried, because he knows how stubborn I am and that I don't like the word NO. I really believe it was the hornet juice that fueled me to do what I did. Just thinking about it now makes me tired! I also noticed some energy coming in after 40 minutes of running ... I did take it last week before lifting weights and I noticed more strength and endurance. Thank you for your product and I look forward to using it for my marathon in 3 weeks."
Lesley Fisher
Royersford, PA, USA

"Hi, just wanted to let you know I tried a packet of VAAM the other night before I went on a 5 mile run. I could feel the effects of the VAAM during my run. My run felt easier, but I was keeping a faster than usual pace. So VAAM has worked for me."
Michael Kawecki

"...My stamina also improved by using VAAM. I never felt like I had a sugar or caffeine buzz, but rather, I had a much more consistent energy level. At no point in my workouts using it did I ever get the worn out feeling I tended to get using just water. I was able to do much harder cardio workouts than I have ever been able to do before. Going a hard hour on an elliptical machine almost became easy for me. VAAM also seems to have helped me with dehydration problems I have been experiencing during my workouts. I play ice hockey and I think if I ever tried it in a game situation, it would be extremely beneficial. Overall, I'd have to say that it is a tremendous product, and I will definitely have to order more."
Keith Beeber
New York, NY, USA

"I have been using VAAM for about a week. The stuff is incredible! I have had to take some time off due to an injury, but have resumed riding. I did a 32 mile ride in an 1 hour 50 minutes yesterday. That is the same time I was at a month ago and I have hardly ridden over the last month. No lactic acid burn either! On this ride I used two packs in one 24 oz bottle."
Jim Heckman
Vandergrift, PA, USA


"I tried VAAM on a training run before the Suzuki Rock n' Roll marathon. It gave me energy and felt good. On marathon day, I had four packets , so I premixed them and rationed them out for the last 1/2 of the marathon. I was feeling great when I went past the wall! At 24 1/2 miles I was feeling so good, I ran as fast as I could. What a feeling going thru that finish line with so much energy and so little pain. I'm a believer!"
Scott Cruikshank
Alaska, USA

"I think VAAM is amazing! I have always avoided running as part of my workouts because after 15 minutes I am ready to fall over! But after taking one VAAM packet I was able to run for an hour straight. It is amazing!"
Malcolm Buxton

"I'm an elite athlete running competitions from 5k to the marathon. Last year I was injured (sacrum stress fracture) but now I'm back in shape. I'm currently preparing a half-marathon and I feel VAAM is really helping me during my preparation. My long trainings seem easier and I really feel less tired when I do some hard sessions. I feel VAAM gives me the extra energy needed for this preparation ... The taste is good which is even better!"
Isabelle Ledroit

"...Well I started using VAAM about a month ago and beat my last year's record in St.Albans Review Half Marathon by 11 minutes (1hr 56 minutes). I felt like I was floating on air while running and felt great with no pain afterwards. It provided me with constant energy whereas last year I was exhausted during and after the race.
Kurmang Rashid
Hertfordshire, UK

"VAAM is an awesome product by the way! I am hypoglycemic and I used to have to eat a good amount of carbs before every run and during my long runs. Even then, my blood sugar could drop and it was a bit of a pain trying to always coordinate this and hoping I would not feel lightheaded during a run. As a runner who also has hypothryoidism (I take medication to control this), weight is an issue and I would rather burn fat for my primary fuel than carbs. I used to worry that taking all those carbs just trained my body to burn carbs as primarly fuel and not fat.

I now take a packet of VAAM before a run and I am good to go for a long time. I ran a half marathon recently and had planned to take a gel at mile 8-9. I missed the gel stop, but apparently I did not need it, which was a surprise.

No more blood sugar drops.This alone makes it worthwhile to me! I have since told two friends of mine (once I was convinced it worked, for I am hard to convince) and one of them has just placed an order. I have to say, I would think everyone would want to try this and I am surprised not many fellow runners have looked into this. Oh well, their loss!"
Julie Hanover


"Just wanted to say hello and thank you again for the excellent customer service! This is indeed a great product!!! I ran a 5K this past Saturday and not only shaved a whopping 3 minutes, 13 sec. off my best time, but finished 1st in the women's division! The biggest thing that I've noticed with the product is my increase in stamina & endurance which seem to last far beyond my runs. Just placed another order! Thank you again!"
Lou Ann Cunningham

"As an aspiring triathlete, surf rescue lifeguard and avid resistance trainer, I need a safe and enduring supplement that will enable me to go hard for long periods of time. Due to my lifting regiment as well as triathlon training, I have a relatively low body fat percentage of around 4 percent. Using VAAM allows me to use these fat stores for quick and enduring energy throughout training sessions. Most impressive is VAAM's ability to ease the shock and energy loss during transition phases when training. Whether it be going from the swim to the bike of from a run into the gym, I find that my energy levels remain strong and constant. VAAM's effectiveness also seems to increase for me when I add alot of nuts and berries to my diet for healthy sources of glucose and mono-saturated fats. These fat sources are to VAAM as oxygen is to fire. I will be a life-long VAAM proponent. It is a safe, effective, non-thermogenic, and ephedra free! energy source. You can't go wrong. I highly recommend it's use!"
Jeffrey McCooey
triathlete, surf rescue lifeguard & resistance trainer

"...Starting on my fifth VAAM packet, I started feeling more energy during my running sessions, and felt great until I ran out of VAAM. Now that it's been about 2 months, I have to start the cycle all over again. However, now I know when VAAM will take effect, and can't wait to start running in "record time!!!"
Lyle Livingston
Musician, teacher, and avid runner

Thought I'd just drop a a quick note to let you know that I just ran the Vancouver International Marathon yesterday. I added 4 packets of my VAAM to a bottle of my Powerade and sipped from it through the race, with my last sip half a mile from the finish line. No soreness, no "Hitting the Wall", nothing! This was my first marathon! Yeah, I run slowly, but I finished!!!! and felt great!! What a rush!!!I'm 47 years old and my children, who are 25 and 20 years old, were so proud of me! I truly believe that the VAM helped me achieve my goal, and I just had to let you know!!!"
Bev Ireland
BC, Canada

"I have used VAAM on a couple of long training runs. It definitely gives me a boost! Two weekends ago (3/15) I ran a short 5 mile race...This past weekend I did a half-marathon (two bowls of cereal for breakfast), one "GU" at about the 10 mile mark, had a good kick and a descent recovery.

P.S. I passed a couple of VAAM packets on to my friend! He kicked my butt on the 5 miler!
Mike Piatchek

"I wanted to let you know, that I have already received my VAAM supply. Thanks for your care. I have used it once - during my Sunday long run - 17miles, and I felt great. I will try it couple more times, just to make sure that it was not only psychological, and if the effect persists, I will certainly order some more."
Martin Guttmann

"Just a quick note to say thanks for a great product, and a great service. I don't know what you put in this product, but I have been using VAAM once a week before my Sunday long run in the desert environment I live in Arizona, and not only has I gained dramatic amount of speed and endurance but I also get the feeling like I am drifting on the wings of a bird or in this case big hornet. I swear that this product produces unique feeling that hard to describe until you try the product. Running in the desert just feels remarkably easy! I can climb hills without any hesitation, and I don't feel tired. Rest assured that I would be using VAAM conscientiously in my routine runs. I am very happy with you product..."
Steve R. Phoenix


"I write this letter in reference to your product VAAM. I have to tell you I am a serious skeptic and VAAM has been great. I am in the US Army and use it prior to my PT test I maxed my pushups, situps, and almost maxed my run. I am 31 years old and this is the best I have ever done on a pt test! I train alot for each event and noticed the biggest benefit on the twp mile run which comes directly after the pushups, and situps. I think it is great!"
Sgt. Mike Looper
Career Counselor
Army National Guard
Rock Hill, SC, USA

"I kept testing VAAM, pushing it to see if it was for real. One of my experiments involved drinking VAAM when I knew I was tired from a previous day's hard workout. Every time I tried to trick VAAM it still produced a general sustained energy which translated into a quicker overall training session. A lot of time the improvement in energy expenditure was subtle, but that's what makes all the difference at a professional level of competition -- the small, subtle, 1% gains.

Another unique feature of VAAM is the lack of aftertaste. Let's face it. You could have the best sports drink in the world but if you can't stand the taste you won't stay hydrated. VAAM has a lightness about it's flavor that I can't wait to try for my next marathon!"
Keith Dowling, professional marathon runner
Reston,VA, USA

"I just used VAAM for the first time today and had one of the most amazing workouts ever. I was able to run faster and easier with a much higher concentration level than any run or race in the recent past. I certainly wasn't expecting these results. I have a marathon PR of 2:36 and want to run a 2:30-2:32 at Boston in April. Thanks for the great product."
Lieutenant Andrew Bartle
MAG 26 Fiscal Officer
Jacksonville, NC, USA

"Just a quick note to say thanks for a great product, and a great service. I have been using VAAM once a week before my Sunday long run, and not only has my 20 mile time fallen dramatically, but running it just feels remarkably easy! I have immediately recomended you to friends, and they are as enthusiastic as I. Rest assured that I will be using VAAM conscientiously in my build-up to the Paris Marathon.
Simon Stafford
Bristol, UK

"I noticed when I mixed the VAAM with water instead of Gatorade, my running performance is better!"
Bob Eng

Hey, took my VAAM a few days ago before an intense footbag session. I definitely played longer than usual (about 4 hours straight!) and it definitely made me sweat more, is this what is meant by better hydration? (assuming you replenish it ;) ) anyways I think VAAM is great, I'll probably order 5 more packs for now to see if I even got the full experiance the first time! Thanks!
Josh Benham

I started training (albeit very slowly) about two months ago. I couldn't wait to try VAAM out. VAAM is great for my aerobic workouts, sustained heart rates. My long runs are now longer and my speed workouts are faster.
Rene Tablante
Manila, Philippines


"I recently became aware of VAAM and what benefits it provides. Based on my experience with a different product that claimed similar benefits to VAAM, I figured it probably wouldn't work for me (or was just hype). Since a running friend of mine strongly endorsed the product, I decided to buy 10 packs as an experiment.
I used VAAM as directed, 0-30 minutes before a run on an empty stomach (2-4 hours after my last meal). It took 4 workouts before I felt something. About 15 minutes into my run I felt an increase in energy, the increase in energy was similar to an energy gel. "VAAM gave me an even flow of energy that lasted consistently for the entire run, unlike energy gels that give a big rush and fade quickly." A nice energy buzz! Using VAAM on a truly empty stomach seems to make a big difference, like morning runs before breakfast. I'm really enjoying my workouts more and I look to my Spring marathon.
John Warden
Alexandra, VA, USA

"I used VAAM for the Masters Games in Melbourne recently. I ended up running a PB for the 5,000 metres and I got a bronze medal in the 1500 metres. How's that? I ran in five distance events over eight days. They ranged from a half marathon to the 1500 metres. VAAM kept me going strong!"
Helen Van Der Nagel
Victoria, Australia

I first found out about VAAM on trip to Japan. I bought few packets for sample in store. I liked how it worked for me. Speeded up recovery of my workouts, and gave me sustained energy during long runs & races. I found myself training harder, for longer periods of time. Which in return, allowed me to achieve faster race times. I use VAAM before workouts, and before and during races. I also will drink a serving sometimes in mid-afternoon if needing a little boost of energy. I have been using VAAM for about 1 year off & on. It tastes great, very easy to digest, and does not upset stomach during races and workouts. I would recommend VAAM to any athlete wanting a great sports drink, that will definitely give you better training and race results".
Mark Franklin
Anahiem, CA, USA

I just tried my first lot of VAAM on a long run (30k +) and it seemed to work well. The experience was a little odd - every time I got tired it was like a pump was turned on and I got a new burst of energy. I got through the run in good shape and in a PB. I had one sachet of VAAM before the run and then another in small sips after about 20k.
Andrew Cohen
Western Australia, Australia

I'm a varsity boys high school cross country and track runner and I have used VAAM, and I could feel it working on my long training runs and speed workouts and also in my races. I'm even thinking about getting a job just to buy more of this hornet juice ( thats my one complaint: a little expensive for high schoolers on a budget to buy =).
Michael Kim
San antonio, TX, USA


"I'm an attorney with pretty long work hours and I generally work out 5 days a week all at 6:15 A.M. before heading to work. I have to honestly say that before VAAM, my workouts were like torture, and I generally lacked the stamina to finish workouts with type of energy we all strive for. VAAM has given me that stamina and now I finish my runs etc. feeling as though I can do even more...If only I never had to go to the office."
Brian Wittneben
Austin, TX, USA

"I am currently training for the Chicago Marathon and started using VAAM 3 weeks after I started training. Within 5 days, I felt a difference in my performance. I am a 6 time marathoner, and at 6'2" and 250 lbs., averaging almost 1 minute per mile faster after using VAAM, I am convinced it works. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a safe, effective training aid."
Eric Stoneman
Libertyville, IL, USA

"On a whim, I ordered this bug juice. I didn't really expect much because there are so many bs products and scams on the market. I was pretty sedentary and I would always run out of "juice" when I was exercising for long periods. I tried this stuff and now I'm hooked. I've had my best workouts since I started using it. I've now ordered hundreds of packets and use it everyday … Can't live without my bug juice."
Greg Howard
Alexandria, VA, USA

I have been using VAAM since June during my long runs while training for the Hartford Marathon in October. It seems to have made quite a difference in my energy level. Last Sunday I completed 21 miles and felt like I could run another 6 with no trouble at all! Usually I'm very tried after a long run like that. The taste of VAAM to me seems very pleasant, like diluted grapefruit juice. It does not have the sweet sticky taste of the major carbohydrate drinks on the market. It is so mild to the stomach it seems to create no more intestinal difficulties than drinking pure drinking water. I plan on using VAAM during the marathon as I try to break 3:10:00.
Desmond Duncker
Glen Ridge, New Jersey, USA

I had a 30K trail race last Saturday with lots of hills and significant elevation gain. The VAAM packets arrived the day before and I was a little worried about trying it for the first time on race day because of the possible side effects mentioned at the web site, so I took one packet on Friday to see if it was going to upset my stomach but there weren't any problems. I didn't do any running that day but I did notice that I didn't experience any afternoon sleepiness (which is frequently the case at work). I took another packet the next day about a half hour before the race and I ended up having one of my better race experiences. I felt good the whole way and finished with a strong kick.
William Graney
Simi Valley, CA, USA

I, like most, was skeptical when I read previous testimonials. But, having an open mind and hoping to take some time off my PR for a marathon, I placed an initial, small order. Well, I noticed improvement in the first week. That continued into the second week. So, being scientifically oriented, I thought that this was likely due to more intense training and not due to VAAM. Therefore, I went a couple weeks without VAAM and definitely slowed and developed more problems with leg cramps. I have since restarted VAAM, and my speed has returned, while the cramping has disappeared. I have a marathon in 5 weeks, and recently ran my 20-miler 15 minutes faster than my previous fastest 20-miler! Therefore, I'm sold on VAAM! I am very anxious to run my next marathon, to see what my new PR will be! Thank you for all your help!
Kreig Spahn
Cochranton, PA, USA

[POSTED AUGUST 2002]“VAAM has been the best sport drink for me since I started racing! I drink VAAM before and during my race, giving 100% of my effort. I don’t feel the pain (the lactic acid build up). VAAM makes me feel like I am "floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee!"
Stephanie Hannos, Two-Time National Collegiate Champion, Canadian National Team Member

" I just wanted to say about VAAM is that I ran 1:09 at that race and was content with it since earlier in the year (March) I only ran 1:11. So I have to be very happy. I am feeling stronger each day after that race. I want to thank you Rina and the people of VAAM for the product I believe that it will truely bring me to my goal at the Chicago Marathon by running under 2:18:34. Thank you again and I look forward to getting more VAAM.
Tom Bellos, Chicago, USA

"I first heard about VAAM when I was training in Boulder Colorado in 2000. But instead of ridiculing the drink of hornet extract, I was very intrigued. Especially when I noticed that the Japanese elite runners who were there were training real hard and found out that they were all advocates of this unusual sports fluid. I figured that if it was working for them, then it may help me as well. I tried a bottle of VAAM for a long run. I felt great and enjoyed it right away.

I can’t rave enough about VAAM. I like the fact that you recovery more quickly from your workout and seem to be able to run for a long time while taking VAAM. VAAM has a flavor that is not going to overwhelm anyone (don't worry, it actually tastes good). It is crisp and refreshing for a sports drink. Another plus is the lack of after taste. You don't want an upset stomach when you are racing. It is very easy to take in during exercise. It mixes very well too. No powder left in bottom of drink bottle it all mixes into the fluid. When I race in this year’s Boston marathon, I drank VAAM at every 5k during the marathon. I had 8 bottles of VAAM out on the course".
Mark Coogan, US Olympian, 3rd place US Elite Male, Boston Marathon 2002

"I have used my VAAM packets during training and my conclusion is: This is great stuff! I have used it during some both very intense workouts and then during some very long ones. Here is my feedback:

I had great effect before intensive workouts if I mixed a packet of VAAM in a half litre of low a concentrated carbohydrate mix and drank it one hour before the workout. It seemed to dial in my metabolism just right. On long rides I would consume two packets of VAAM in my first two drink bottles and that would also set me up for the ride. If you start out with two VAAM the first hour or so you could probably have a great ride, if I would ride more then five hours I would consume one more VAAM every two hours. I did have an awesome 210 km ride on two VAAM packets. I guess if it was an Ironman race I would probably want one VAAM packet every hour.

In general I've felt energetic, I've had great endurance and in general dialed in. This couldn't have come more at a more convenient time since I had a few weeks that I struggled with training and just found out through some tests that I had been fighting pneumonia during the time I actually had my first workout feeling good during my first day on VAAM.

My first impression is megapositive, this is no hype!"
Jonas Colting, top Swedish triathlete

"I'm impressed with VAAM - it seems to take 3-4 days of using VAAM with my endurance training (cycling) for the effects to really make a difference. VAAM also seems to help with recovery time after a hard workout. I mix it with lemon-lime Gator-Aid since that combination tastes best to me although VAAM is tasty anyway. I have compared VAAM to Accelerade and VAAM wins hands down. I've got a lot of racing coming up in April so I'm hoping VAAM can help out!"
Wendy Straatman, USA

"I'm not a very active person, but I ordered a few packets of VAAM to try just because it sounded so interesting. I drank it before doing light weightlifting and over the course of a week I gained upper-body strength that I have never had. I found that I could continue exercising beyond when I would normally tire, after taking only very short rests. I didn't expect VAAM to do anything for me, but I was pleasantly surprised!"
Michael, OK, USA

"Just wanted to let you know how I got on with my first VAAM experience. which finished some three weeks ago.
Day 1 no effect
Day 2 felt great
Day 3 felt good but wasn't being pushed during exercise
Day 4 Felt excellent
Day 5 Felt fantastic

After one week I was feeling very good. Had even lost two kilos. I swim Monday to Friday and usually swim 1.6km. On the days where I felt the most energy was when I was swimming with someone else pushing me for the first 800m. Then I followed him the 2nd 800m. Normally he would out swim me but the days after taking VAAM I was hot on his heels."
Anthony Houghton, USA

"I workout and run five days a week, and there is no question that VAAM has helped improve both my endurance and performance."
Jon Hayman, Santa Monical, CA

"Just wanted to let you know I had good results from using VAAM I found a huge difference in endurance during racing and my long hard training runs .VAAM works because I'm going to my first Boston Marathon this year. I only been in racing circuit for 3 years . my first 2 marathon without VAAM I ran 3:43, 3:36 and with VAAM 3:05.Thank you for giving me something that works."
Som Soukhome, USA

"...Just thought you would like to know. I had a bad crash on the Mt Bike this Saturday. (tried to do a front wheelie and rod the bike over the top). Laid up all day Sunday lot of soreness on the left side, ribs, elbow, knee was real bad, right trap.

But Monday night I decided to get on the trainer and ride some of the acid off, so I toke a packet of you know what? In about 5 min. I started to feel loose and good only rode for 30 min. did not what to push it, but this morning all the soreness from the crash is gone. My knee still is tender to the touch but range of motion is back to normal!!!

This was a bad crash my bike is still down but this recovery with the VAAM I still don't believe it!!"
Bob Anders, GA, USA

[POSTED 2001]

"...In personal trials, I've found a huge difference in endurance levels from using VAAM one day and not the next. It's really amazing. Maybe I'm getting older and slowing down (I'm 27) but I've lost some of the spunk I used to have when I was doing races. VAAM has given me the extra kick I needed not only to run longer and farther, but a renewed sense of self-esteem that I can still do tough runs. That motivating factor gets me out on the road even when I'm not feeling quite up to par. Basically, I equate running with and without VAAM to running your car on regular unleaded gas versus premium. The extra octane makes your car just run that much better, at it's peak. And the beauty of VAAM is you don't feel any different. It's not like taking ephedra or a stimulant to get a jolt of energy--VAAM is all about endurance."
Karen Taylor, USA

"Training and racing in south Florida year around I find that Vaam enables a runner to hold your fluid longer -- staves off dehydration better than any other preparation, enables you to run faster in the heat, and I look forward to using Vaam daily for the upcomming marathon season. If you haven't tried VAAM yet then your giving the edge to the runner next to you."
Ted Schmidt, FL, USA.

"I've had great results with VAAM! To date, I ran a marathon in Rome, The San Diego Rock-N-Roll Marathon (I shaved 20 minutes off of my time and felt like I could have kept right on running!!!) and won a 1/2 Marathon just this Saturday! I don't think I could keep up my fitness schedule without VAAM! It has really helped and I've been recommending it to my friends and colleagues who enjoy endurance sports."
Suzanne Warmack, TX, USA

"I tried VAAM and was amazed after the itt my legs are weak and stiff after i took my first drink and in about 5 minutes my legs were not tired or stiff. I was not going to ride because of this weak feeling but what a great ride! I did have some latic acid build up but the recovery was almost instanious. I also was riding into a strong headwind 10 mph gusting at 15-20 mph but I was still at my normal speed and was riding 2-3 gears higher. Look forward to tonight's ride!"
Bob Anders, GA, USA

"Ran the Steamtwon Marathon in Scranton, October 07, 2001 in a time of 3:32:08. This is an improvement of 10:40 over my previous marathon PR...Sorry, no finish-line pictures."
Mark Gunthers, USA

"Regarding VAAM - I think it is for real. I always run with a heart rate monitor. I have clearly noticed that I have dramatically less heart rate drift during a run when I have downed some Vaam about an hour before. Translated, I am able to sustain a faster pace with no more effort while on Vaam and there is less fading towards the end of a long run. I used it before my recent 2:42 marathon at Chicago. I only wish that Vaam was available as the race-sponsored drink so that I could have had access to it during the marathon. I am sure that Vaam would give me a better boost than brand x.
Steve Palladino, CA, USA

"Hi, my name is Andre, a regular customer. I have been using VAAM for a year now and I 've had a good increase of stamina, energy, and strength!"
Andrea Bedward, USA

"Just wanted to let you know I had the best race of my life this year in Kona (Hawaii Ironman). Was a personal best by over 90 minutes on a tougher than average day. Of course every year seems to be the "worst winds ever." The fact is it is always awful, but I felt strong all day. Used 3 packets of VAAM on race day. Once in the morning. In the special needs bike bag and one in special needs run. I would like to reserve more for the next shipment!"
Paul Timmons, USA

"As always, the differentiation of placebo and pyschosomatic distraction must be considered, but the use of VAAM for high intensity/short duration (45-60 minutes) cardio conditioning 'feels' better than many other sports drinks I have tried. Not really seeing the fat burning effects but...I do enjoy good food and wine.
Shaun Jones, USA

"They call me a cagey veteran in the running community here in Rochester, NY. I'm 44 years old but still kick some of the young guys butts on the racing circuit. My favorite competitive distance is the marathon. I ran a 2:30.50 last year at Twin Cities which placed me third in the American Masters Championship. During my long training runs I used some of the hornet juice. It not only assisted me during the run but help me recover quicker so I could continue to train hard. It's easy on the stomach and doesn't taste that bad. I'm hooked. I'm now supplying some of my friends with it so expect some more orders."
Charles Andrews, NY, USA

"I've got a little feedback on VAAM. I've noticed that as I run, just when I start feeling fatigued, my energy level flows slowly back. It's not a jarring rush, just a steady rebuilding of the energy. This can happen throughout the work out. I like VAAM!"
Joanna, USA

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