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How VAAM Works

VAAM Metabolizes Fat for Energy From the Start of the Exercise

Because of VAAM's optimum combination of 17 amino acids, VAAM activates the metabolism of fat for energy on the onset of your physical activity. What happens is that glycogen is conserved. This enables you to maintain a steady pace to the very end. You will be able to call on bursts of power (on reserve) when you most need them.

The illustration below shows Normal Energy Consumption and Energy Consumption using VAAM:

As a source of stamina for endurance sports, fat, however, takes a long time to metabolize. But if fat can be utilized as energy from the initial start of exercise, glycogen is conserved. This enables you to maintain a steady pace to the very end and call on bursts of power when you most need them. This is how VAAM functions, by activating the metabolism of fat into energy.

What VAAM Does...

There are two primary sources of energy in your body -- glycogen and fat stored by the body. Glycogen is easily burned within short periods of time and serves as a source of stamina in events that require burst of energy. The disadvantage here is in the amount of glycogen reserves. A mere 450 grams -- approximately 1,800 kilo calories of glycogen is stored in your body (this may vary according to individual body types).

  GLYCOGEN - Limited supply of energy in your body
  Stored Body FAT - Abundant supply of energy in your body

Glycogen is not enough for long period of exercise. Alternatively fat is stored in abundance by the body although it requires large amounts of oxygen and is generally difficult to convert into energy.

Even the slimmest marathon runner can use her low body fat for energy!

Take a marathon runner weighing 130lbs with only about 5% body fat. This calculates to approximately 27,000 kilo calories of energy reserves. This is enough energy to run a full marathon consuming 3,000 kilo calories, nine times over!

Since fat is an abundant source of energy, VAAM can aid in utilizing your body's fat store to save that stored glycogen for the bursts of energy that you can need at the end of your race.


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