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What is VAAM Hornet Juice?

VAAM (Vespa Amino Acid Mixture) is a unique sports drink that takes a scientific approach to sports and fitness. It is based on the same nutrient system used by giant hornets that have an amazing endurance and can fly 100 km (62 miles) in a day. The secret? Metabolism of fat. VAAM utilizes reserves of body fat into energy.

This Energy Source is Found in
Japanese Giant Hornets' Stomach

Giant hornets known as Vespa Mandarina Japonica, with bodies no bigger than 5cm, can fly 100km in a single day at 20 miles per hour. This would be the equivalent of a human running over two full marathons. This is especially remarkable considering they weigh about 2 grams, making them one of the heaviest of all flying insects.

Unlike bees, which feast on pollen, adult hornets eat other insects and then they chew the meat into a ball. They carry their feed back to the nest which adds another gram to their weight. (The secret to this remarkable stamina is a nutrient liquid produced by hornet larvae.)

Because of their constricted trunks, adult hornets can't eat their catch. Instead, the hornets feed these 'meatballs' to their young larvae. Then in a new twist on nursing, the larvae then regurgitate a clear liquid, which the adult hornets drink. This liquid or "hornet juice" is the source of the hornet's strength that gives them enough energy to fly 100km per day.

VAAM was discovered by Japanese biochemist Dr. Takashi Abe. Abe and other researchers have been studying the wasp species to find out what gave them their long lasting endurance. After isolating the energy source of the hornet as an acidic juice found in the hornets' stomachs they discovered that an optimum combination of 17 amino acids — the primary ingredients in this ‘hornet juice’ can produce large amounts of energy. This great secret of nature combined with research into the physiology of exercise has resulted in the development of VAAM (Patent #2518692).

The researchers started testing it on lab animals then on human athletes. They found that the elixir had astonishing powers to boost human stamina.

Abe said "Our experiment showed that the hornet juice helped lab animals and humans to transfer fat into energy more efficiently and this is very important in helping athlete's performance." The hornet juice, made up of amino acids reduced human fatigue, slowed down the build up of lactic acid and improved body's efficiency.



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